Mexican Pizza Bread

Mexican Pizza Bread!  Insanely good and budget friendly for family meals or for parties.

Truth:  I could devour half of this Mexican Pizza Bread in one sitting. Really, I could. That’s why I typically make 2 loaves so I can feed my entire family.  You see, this is probably the most budget friendly meal you can feed your family.  Albeit, not the healthiest, but we’re talking pizza here.  And… 

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Leprechaun Cream Cheese Oreo Cookies

Leprechaun Cream Cheese Oreo Cookies.  You and your kids will love them!

I couldn’t help myself. You all know, I’m a seasonal and holiday junkie, so I had to make these Leprechaun Cream Cheese Oreo Cookies. You see, we’ve been snowed, er…uh…iced in.  We had about 1 inch of ice + snow and then ice again.  No kidding.  It’s been crazy. What’s also crazy, is I tend… 

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