Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Monsters Coloring Page

Here’s another Mom confessional:  Coloring pages are also like cheap therapy to me. Can I get an amen??? If my kids are arguing, ha ~ when are they not???  I search for the latest character that they like & print a few out along with some others. No video games, no tv, just some good… 

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Paint colors for the Living Room, Dining and Foyer

Foyer, Living, Bath and Dining Room Inspiration

Have I ever mentioned I used to sell lipstick for a living? Well, lipstick and a few other cosmetics items. Fresh out of college, I became an Elizabeth Arden Cosmetic counter girl. You know…”Well, paint my door red and call me Elizabeth Arden.”  That was me!  (can you name that movie???) I absolutely loved it. It… 

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