Chevron and Posie Fall Wreath + a Blog Hop

Chevron and Posie Fall Wreath

I tend to get a little giddy when I see that Fall is fast approaching on the calendar. I immediately start craving texture, comfort food (well, I always crave that!), rich colors, layers of ┬áleopard + stripes + chevron + chambray (denim shirts), football, patchwork quilts, bolder lipstick colors, Fall festivals and yes, even some… 

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Grocery Store BINGO

Grocery Store BINGO!  Fun learning activity for the kids while you shop.

This post and Grocery Store BINGO game are sponsored by Horizon Organic. There’s 2 golden rules I try to abide by when grocery shopping. 1. Never go grocery shopping when I’m hungry. 2. Avoid grocery shopping with the kids at all costs!!! 9 times out of 10 I break rule #2. Because my kids are… 

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