July 4th ~ sweet memories

My dear Grandma & I. * July 4, 1980

Outside of the kids pictures – this is hands down, my most cherished photo! She was the silliest, craziest, most loving, supporting Grandma there ever was. This was taken the first weekend after she retired. Relaxed, silly, “anything goes” type of attitude is what she always had. But even more so after her “freedom” from retiring. She & I sat there literally for hours. My mom bringing us food & drink from the kitchen right inside the screen door. We sang our hearts out that day. Off key & making up our own words as we went along. To this very day, I remember how we laughed till there were tears coming down our faces, our legs stretched across each, and our feet tickling each other. It was the best 4th I had growing up. I have such sweet memories of her. She was indeed the dearest of dears.

Wishing all my friends & family the sweetest & most memory filled 4th!

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    I have never seen this picture of you and Grandma. You are so cute! But just look at Grandma, that is how I remember her. The tears are streaming down my face right now . . . if only she was with us, she’d be a great-Grandma! I can just see her with your 3, she’d love spoiling them. I wish I could hug her with my big pregnant belly, sounds funny, but it’d be such a wonderful feeling. Her birthday is coming up, and I know she is with us sharing the special day with your babies.

    Wow, thanks for sharing this precious picture with me.

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    my dear cousin!!!

    i couldn’t wait for you to see this post! right on cue, you ‘tuned’ in right after i posted this. isn’t this the funnest picture? i know there are several around, but naturally this is my very fave…
    you made me teary eyed reading your comment! YES! she would love to hold you & touch your sweet belly with baby kermie inside. i know she wouldn’t be able to ‘get enough’ of touching your sweet tummy. i, too know she is looking down…just watching us as our lives unfold into motherhood. i miss her so much. she was simply the best!

    you know she is singing songs in heaven…songs to rejoice for all the great-grandchildren present and still to come!

    love you!

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