It’s the Great Pumpkin Makeover!

I love white pumpkins. I have had this idea in my head for years! So simple, but I just wanted to spell out “Halloween” in pumpkins going down my stairs. But…white “faux” pumpkins are pricey! Especially the nice sized, realistic looking ones. Even on sale. (Who would usually need to buy 9 of them???) So I had a bright idea…I’ll buy orange pumpkins & give them a makeover!!!
Supplies needed:
*9 pumpkins – I bought mine from Wal Mart.
2 bottles of “off white” acyclic paint (I used Folk Art Paint, from Wal Mart. .97 cents each)
a few regular sized sponge paint brushes
black acyclic paint or a large black sharpie marker
a small paint brush
*the pumpkins I purchased were $5.00 each. I got lucky & scored 3 damaged ones for half price. (the side & paint had been damaged on 3 of them, perfect since I was going to repaint, anyways.)

*Paint all of the pumpkins with the “off white” paint. It took 2 heavy coats!

*Let dry for about an hour in between each coat.

*After, your 2nd coat has dried, write & spell out your letters using your pencil. (I kind of went for a scrolly witchey font…if there is such a thing??? In my mind, there is!!! :)

*If you have a steady hand, use your paint brush & black paint to trace your letters. OR, after realizing a large sharpie would do the trick with two coats or traces. I ditched the paint brush & used the sharpie marker. (Might take two coats, however using the sharpie.)

And, presto! There you have a great Halloween Pumpkin Makeover!

I included a larger frame shot, of my staircase. It really is fun at night with the candles. It gives great ambiance.

After spelling out the word – Halloween. I thought to myself, I could make these work for Thanksgiving as well! So, turning the pumpkins around…I spelled out “Thankful”. Actually, you will just need to write the letters, T, K, F, & U on the pumpkins opposite from the letters that you will use to spell out “thankful”. Because you will have all the other letters already needed for the word, “THANKFUL”. You will just have one extra pumpkin. I thought it was a great 2 for 1 decoration for both holidays! Of course, minus the Templeton Mice.

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  1. says

    I can’t handle this. Please. We the readers beg you to stop with all this cuteness. How will we feed our children? Take a shower or do anything else productive if we have to sit here and stare at your amazing creativity and talent all day?
    I’m drooling. You are incredible!!!!

    Love it.
    I’m with your reader who commented that her children would use those pumpkins as bowling balls. Same here. :)

  2. says

    O.K, between you and Sibi, I’m feeling a bit incompetent in the “creative mommy department”. Gee wiz! How do you girls do it!

    Now that my creative juices are flowing: what about writing “THANKS” on the back sides. Then you can use them through Thanksgiving too! (Hey, that was a good one!)

  3. says

    i just love your pumpkins on the stairs! here’s my twisted take from your inspiration: 5 pumpkins that say:

    1: “don’t”
    2: F
    3: A
    4: L
    5: L

    I am saying that i will go home and do this, but that’s probably a lie. i’ll do it 45 years from now when i get to that part of my to do list!

    thanks for the inspiration!



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