Favorites in October!

Playing in the woods. from mini boden

fun clothes for Madi. from Matilda Jane

fun clothes for me. Anthropologie

I think I could pull this flower off. I love it. Emersonmade.

Quilts! Luckily for me, my MIL has made & given us soooo many!

Fruits & flowers on display! Pottery Barn

Fall planting time!

Perfect time for parties & outdoor living. Country Living, at that!

A Halloween party for the little ones. from Pottery Barn Kids.

Pumpkin Ginger Parfaits. Gourmet Magazine

Happy October, everyone. I wont say it’s my favorite time of year, because really, it’s a toss up between Fall & Spring for me. But, I will say, I love that October is finally here! I can’t wait to wear, make, and do sooo many things that have been put on hiatus until this month. See you next week!

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here & reading my posts! I’ve started truncating my posts, so please click over to read the rest of the story!


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    i have loved that copper pot from Williams-Sonoma for the longest time….and now that they’ve added the option for personalizing with a monogram i love it even more!

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    Kellie-Coo! It’s your Auntie JuJu Bee writing! I love your blog and all the sweet things you have here. You’ve really taken after me with your love of Halloween :) Remember the Halloween when I dressed as a witch and came to the door, no one knew who I was!? I have some other great and quick soups I send your way soon. I love you!

  3. says

    AWWW!!! auntie juju bee!

    your comment made my week! i can only imagine what you & maegan are up too! please take pics of her & her beautiful belly before that sweet baby arrives.

    i do love halloween! thanks to you! hope you both have a lovely weekend together. i so wish i lived closer. i miss you both.

    love you!

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    What a lovely, lovely post! I must come back to visit more. Your photos are so inspiring. They make me want to nest and make my home look all full of fall. Thank you!!

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    Ooh love your roundup of favorites in October. I am dying over that monogrammed siiver terrain from WS. I think you should treat yourself to that fun Anthro sweater.;-)

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