Christmas Whoopie Cakes!!!

Christmas Whoopie Cakes via the “Nest Style”

I have been drooling over several catalogs & Christmas magazines that have invaded my mailbox. One of my all time favorite store catalogs hit my mailbox the other day, and let’s just say I have been dreaming & tasting several recipes and or their ready-made foods to order. But money does not grow on trees around here, and I decided to take my cravings into my own hands. And re-create these lovely Christmas trees, via the Nest way = less expensive!!! Here’s what I did:

1 box of Dark Chocolate Cake Mix – follow directions on the back of box. Omitting 1 egg (wanted it to be a little thicker in texture.) Bake according to the directions of a cupcake pan.

Using a Christmas baking pan, that I bought from Target, similar to this one. (Mine had Christmas trees & gingerbread men for $9.99) spray Pam Baking Spray in the pan, and fill to top. ***You will have some left over to make half a batch more, if using the same pan as I have.***

Let cool slightly. Take mini cakes out of pan, and let cool completely. Using a serrated knife cut the mini cakes in half. You may have to trim some extra cake off to re-shape according to the cake form.

Now for the icing:
1 container of Vanilla Frosting (such as Betty Crocker)
1/2 to 1 teaspoon of peppermint flavoring (depending on your taste & liking)
Peppermint Chips (that I also bought @ Target)

Mix the vanilla frosting & peppermint flavoring together in a bowl. Spread carefully onto your mini cakes slices. Sprinkle peppermint chips over your frosting, & top with coordinating mini cake form. And, “WHOOPIE!!!!” you have some delicious Whoopie Cakes to eat for yourself, or if you are feeling generous…share with your family & friends. :)

The chocolate & peppermint combo makes me want to dance. Which to be honest, I have. Several times, everytime I take a bite of these Whoopie Cakes. Enjoy!
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  1. yum!

  2. You’re bringing some of these with you today right? he he

  3. i sure am, rhonda!!!
    made a batch just for you. really.

  4. Oh my goodness Kellie…those are DELISH!!! I seriously love them..just what I needed ANOTHER chocolate something to crave! ha ha…thank you soooo’re the best :)

  5. mmmmmm….i’m so trying these! peppermint and dk. chocolate is my fave combo!

  6. Oh, I could eat that whole plate! It was GREAT to meet you today! :) When we walked up I said that is Kellie. Justin said, “do you know her”. Yes, we are blog friends!! :)

  7. oh yummy! Wish I could test em for you!

  8. Would you believe that I just posted these and I’m just now visiting your blog??? My recipe is a bit different but I seriously didn’t see yours first. I saw some in a Williams Sonoma catalog and decided to whip some up last night. See? We were destined to be friends :).

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