Holiday Open House @ the Nest

Okay, I am going to admit one of my favorite things to do…look inside people’s houses. I think we all do. This time of year especially. I love looking in houses as I drive by, seeing the decor or people moving around. A house always looks warm & fuzzy looking in. Wouldn’t you agree? All that said, I decided to take a leap, and link up to some holiday open house blog tours. Gulp. My little shabby nest is very simple in comparison to others, but I love it all the same, because it’s our very own. So come ‘on in!
Shhh, you’ll have to be quiet, because the twins are taking a nap by the tree. So tip toe softly, please.
Let’s hang your coat up, right here. So you can take a look around.
This is our b/w photo wreath of our family. I simply hot glued b/w glossy prints to a wire coat hanger. Tied it with a simple red & white ribbon, and hung over our entry mirror.
Here’s some close ups of the holiday wreath. (You will notice a trend of wreaths throughout the Nest :)
Here’s our tree all a glow. Love her. You’ll notice another wreath in the background over one of our stained glass windows. We have 2 stained glass window that frame our fireplace. I might add a fireplace/stocking pic later. But currently I am having to think of a “plan B” for the mantel, since the stockings are pulled every.single.hour. by you know who(s).
Day time shot of one of the windows.
Now, will move to our breakfast or everyday meal room. Basically, so you can see another wreath. :) I love simplicity. Especially in front of a window.
Here’s the same room but turned the opposite direction. My candy cane string to hold our Christmas cards. Way up high. Again, another plan B, so they wouldn’t be chewed. :)

Btw, we always have room for babies. We have plenty of baby stuff to go around. Kids are welcome to visit anytime. We love play dates. Here is a shot of highchairs, :) and from the kitchen looking in our front room. Did I mention our little Nest is almost 100 years old? It is.

More wreaths. :) And my pennant banner for this particular holiday, I decided to place in the kitchen window. Is it okay to say, I love my kitchen window? (I love to make a banner for every holiday or celebration. You can see some here, here, and here.) This particular one I made out of my decade old collection of vintage/recycled Christmas cards. I have tons more. I love them.
Here is another picture. Not the best picture, sorry.
And, around the corner next to the kids rooms we have our beloved Advent Calendar.

Now, since you toured our Nest, I will have to put you on our Christmas card list…here’s our Christmas card from last year. (This year’s card is still in the works…but I think this will do.)

The Front Side:
And, this was the Back Side:
Come back anytime. You are always welcome.
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