it’s beginning to look alot…

Yes! Can you believe we had snow this past weekend. It was magical. It is a rare occurrence around here, but waking up that morning made me feel all gitty inside. Watching Graham react was even better! It was gone by the afternoon, but it really was a sight to take in.
our street, picture from my neighbor’s Roman & Shannon
Getting our tree last week was an adventure. We let the kids run around the tree farm, which was quite daring. Needless to say, all 3 went in different directions…so, we scooped them up, picked the tree & home we went.
Here she is. All sparkly, bright, and smells wonderful. The bottom half has been rearranged several times by the twins. After all 3 are in bed, we find ornaments in every nook & cranny. It is the nightly ritual to put them all back…just so they can be re-arranged the very next morning.
There is nothing better then snuggling with these 3. Having them in some Christmas jammies, well that’s icing on the cake. It is so fun in this house right now…I can’t stand it.
This past weekend with snow came coooold temps. We went to the last Farmer’s Market for the year. :( sniff sniff. They turn it into Candy Cane Lane, so you know I had to show up, cold temps & all.

And just to give a sneak peak of what I’ve been up too…

Madi & I are “sporting” some Mommy & pixie matching (kindof) shirts that I accessorized…for our fun photo session we had last weekend. In the SNOW!!! Those pics of that session to come. Can’t wait to show you.!!. Until then…
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