Our Christmas

As you can see, little Madi was the first one up. Trying to keep her from knocking down the train set before the other 2 could see it, was a chore. (and one I really didn’t want to do, first thing in the morning. :) Luckily for us, Chief & his friends (with kids) trade out toys, John Deere Gators, bikes, etc for help on each other’s farm. Basically an old fashion barter system. So this train set & table in great condition was a trade, believe it or not!
The presents!
The kids who wanted to play more then have their picture taken. Can’t say I don’t blame them.
He was “INTO IT”!!! ALL of it. And yes, he is sitting in the drawer. Figured it had a drawer in about 5 minutes.
One of my favorites pictures. Still a little sceptical about the whole ROAR.
Getting more comfortable. Obviously.
One of my other favorites. Sums up the happenings. Boys with toys that make noise, and girls with tea sets & spoons.
And a purse! Or as Southerns say…”A pocketbook.”
The mess.
And, the most important part of the day, the birthday cake for Jesus. For as long as I can remember, we did this growing up. My Dad started this tradition, and to this very day is still having cake & singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. It is my hope that this will make a lasting impact on my 3, and something they will look forward to just as much as the presents. We are still feeling the magic of Christmas here. The wonderment of all the toys, the leftover food, eating cake for breakfast, making smoothies out of the left over fruit salad. It really is a wonderful mindset. I wish it could last forever. Graham finally asked me the famous question that I know every child asks, “When is it going to be Christmas again, Mommy?” It really did make me sad to say, not for another 363 days.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & you are still feeling the magic of it all!
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