what are you doing for New Years?

Will you be hosting a New Year’s brunch?
Are you one of those people who stay up till midnight?
Do you have some party favors on hand?
Will you be getting married & dancing together at midnight?
Are you one of those lucky ducks who has your BFF in town & have planned a dress up dinner party?
Or will you Southerns be preparing your “Meal of Luck for the Year” on some black-eyed peas & greens?
Or will you be like me, preparing something similar to these fun confetti eggs & having a stay @ home – kid friendly New Years Eve Bash?  As in, bash the confetti egg on your head, type party? :)
and be cleaning up a mess of sparkly confetti, streamers, & balloons on New Years Day.
Chief is working tomorrow night.  Usually he is around for the New Year Eve & Day festitives.  But I am bound & determined to do something fun with the kids.  Even though, it will be early I don’t see why we can’t have some sparkly fun, eat some h’orderves (more like chicken fingers) & jump up & down a bit.  Hopefully my plan will come to action tomorrow.  If it does, you can bet I’ll post some pics.  Until then…Happy New Dreams, New Adventures, New Beginnings, A New Start, & A Blessed New Year!!!
btw, just so none of you will be disappointed & keep waiting @ your front door for the prize patrol…I’m going ahead & “claiming” the HGTV’s dream house 2010 & publisher’s Clearing House Prizes. :)  So, you don’t have to waste any more of your time waiting…  :)  IF YOU THINK IT, CLAIM IT, WRITE IT, perhaps they will come.
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