what are you doing for New Years?

Will you be hosting a New Year’s brunch?
Are you one of those people who stay up till midnight?
Do you have some party favors on hand?
Will you be getting married & dancing together at midnight?
Are you one of those lucky ducks who has your BFF in town & have planned a dress up dinner party?
Or will you Southerns be preparing your “Meal of Luck for the Year” on some black-eyed peas & greens?
Or will you be like me, preparing something similar to these fun confetti eggs & having a stay @ home – kid friendly New Years Eve Bash?  As in, bash the confetti egg on your head, type party? :)
and be cleaning up a mess of sparkly confetti, streamers, & balloons on New Years Day.
Chief is working tomorrow night.  Usually he is around for the New Year Eve & Day festitives.  But I am bound & determined to do something fun with the kids.  Even though, it will be early I don’t see why we can’t have some sparkly fun, eat some h’orderves (more like chicken fingers) & jump up & down a bit.  Hopefully my plan will come to action tomorrow.  If it does, you can bet I’ll post some pics.  Until then…Happy New Dreams, New Adventures, New Beginnings, A New Start, & A Blessed New Year!!!
btw, just so none of you will be disappointed & keep waiting @ your front door for the prize patrol…I’m going ahead & “claiming” the HGTV’s dream house 2010 & publisher’s Clearing House Prizes. :)  So, you don’t have to waste any more of your time waiting…  :)  IF YOU THINK IT, CLAIM IT, WRITE IT, perhaps they will come.
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    wii game night with friends then banging their pots and pans at the midnight hour. hehe…it’s what they did last year. We were like, shhh, you have neighbors. Then we heard the neighbors banging pots and pans too. If you can’t beat em join em.

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    just me and my boys… staying home, eating crab cakes and shrimp cocktail with a glass of wine… maybe watch a video? Probably in bed by 10.

    Sound perfect, doesn’t it?!

    Hope you have a great one

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