for the L*O*V*E* of “blush & bashful”

If I were still single, & didn’t have a “cowboy/chief” for a husband, I would have a house full of pink.  I mean “blush & bashful.”  I L*O*V*E* pink.  I love wearing it, pink flowers are my absolute fave, love it on furniture,  accessorizing with pink is so girly to me, & I think cupcakes taste better with pink frosting.  It is after all, my signature color.  So, I think I am declaring a week of PINK here on the Nest.  I just hope I can finish what I have planned.  {yikes!  I just gave myself a deadline.}  So to kick things off, here’s some fluff, puff, & tuffed in all things PINK.
And, just for a sneak of what is rockin on the sewing machine & *hopefully* be finished this week…
This was my Mom’s old retro sewing machine ~ hand-me-down.  Isn’t it great??!!  LOTS of pink creations have been made with this baby!
Hope your week is full of pink fluff & puff!  See you soon with a few “creations” of pink.
Image 2 &4 from
Image 5 from Apartment Therapy
All the rest from Country Living
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    Well arn’t you just the sweetest magnolia. I love this post, all the pictures remind me how much I love being a girl, and you wove such a cute story into it. If you find that awesome sewing machine missing one morning, it wasn’t me, what ever you do don’t look for it at my house. Can’t wait o see what you are up to, waiting on the edge of my seat.

    Cha Cha

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    Hey Kellie,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope you love that you married your tennessee man and spoke it before you met him! Great story, and I hope you still have that letter, that would really be something special! India is the best–such a beautiful and relaxing voice. I haven’t had a complaint with any of her albums yet!

    Your blog looks great, and I love these photos. I wish I knew how to sew!!!!

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    Oooooo. You are singing my song with all of this fluffy, pink goodness! It’s all so pretty. Just like you.

    First picture is my favorite and I can’t wait to see what you are creating next. You are so talented!!

    Big Pink Love,


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