a very kid friendly NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to do something with the kids for New Year’s Eve. Well, here we go. I started with the above last night. You’ve got to have balloons! But this time, I blew them up & hung them upside down for my “ceiling scape.” I bought the balloons & the paper dollies on Christmas 50% off clearance. The snowflakes are some of my ornaments. The 2010 glitter sign was the highest piece up there $1.99. Total cost for this “ceiling scape” $4.00!

Then today I made the lemon cream cheese cupcakes (yum!) and I finished the confetti eggs. And added them to our New Year’s Party Table. I made the confetti out of construction paper. My 3 whole punch was no where to be found. So I just cut about 4 sheets of paper away & presto I had my confetti.
I used some more of my ornaments for table decor. I love how they tied in with my pink, white, & silver color theme. And, basically they were a bonus decor. Since I already had them. Love using item I already have for props.
The above is one of my favorite pictures. Did I mention I got a new camera for Christmas? Yes, I guess you can tell with the dramatic turnaround in picture quality & that I am posting 55 to this post. (not really, but probably too many.) I still have tons to learn about the camera, but boy has it been so fun to use this past week. WHAT.A.DIFFERENCE!!!
I am sure no one recognizes my tin cupcake holders with candles I bought at the HWY 127 yard sale this summer. I’ve seen this touch everywhere in blogland, and I love it. I wonder if anyone else paid as little as a $1.00 for 6 of them? If you see some out there, grab them up. They are too cute to pass up!
The confetti eggs. So fun. I knew Graham would get into them. We set aside 2 to smash on Chief’s head when he comes home. I’m kinda anxious to smash one on his head myself. :)
The Blowhorns! They were a hit. I bought my serperately, since we were having a small party. She sold them to me for .10 cents each.
The very best part by far was watching them enjoy & take it all in. Not that they could grasp it all, but I think they each had some favorite moments of the party.
How come girls even eat differently then boys? She is so dainty.
I am still finding confetti in my hair. Hours later.
Still finding frosting & sprinkles in Mason’s clothes…hours later.
The cupcakes were his favorite. I guess you can tell.
This is me, starting to clean. I think I will be cleaning up confetti & sprinkles for a while now. This was a 3 day idea that came about in no-time-flat. I am very glad I did it. It made the evening more memorable for me to start a New Year off. And, lets face it, sitting watching the ball drop again on tv, just wasn’t too appealing for me this year. You know, I will always find a way to throw a party. Some way some how. Happy New Year, everyone. Hoping there will be many more parties to throw & cupcakes to make & eat in 2010.
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