a very kid friendly NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to do something with the kids for New Year’s Eve. Well, here we go. I started with the above last night. You’ve got to have balloons! But this time, I blew them up & hung them upside down for my “ceiling scape.” I bought the balloons & the paper dollies on Christmas 50% off clearance. The snowflakes are some of my ornaments. The 2010 glitter sign was the highest piece up there $1.99. Total cost for this “ceiling scape” $4.00!

Then today I made the lemon cream cheese cupcakes (yum!) and I finished the confetti eggs. And added them to our New Year’s Party Table. I made the confetti out of construction paper. My 3 whole punch was no where to be found. So I just cut about 4 sheets of paper away & presto I had my confetti.
I used some more of my ornaments for table decor. I love how they tied in with my pink, white, & silver color theme. And, basically they were a bonus decor. Since I already had them. Love using item I already have for props.
The above is one of my favorite pictures. Did I mention I got a new camera for Christmas? Yes, I guess you can tell with the dramatic turnaround in picture quality & that I am posting 55 to this post. (not really, but probably too many.) I still have tons to learn about the camera, but boy has it been so fun to use this past week. WHAT.A.DIFFERENCE!!!
I am sure no one recognizes my tin cupcake holders with candles I bought at the HWY 127 yard sale this summer. I’ve seen this touch everywhere in blogland, and I love it. I wonder if anyone else paid as little as a $1.00 for 6 of them? If you see some out there, grab them up. They are too cute to pass up!
The confetti eggs. So fun. I knew Graham would get into them. We set aside 2 to smash on Chief’s head when he comes home. I’m kinda anxious to smash one on his head myself. :)
The Blowhorns! They were a hit. I bought my serperately, since we were having a small party. She sold them to me for .10 cents each.
The very best part by far was watching them enjoy & take it all in. Not that they could grasp it all, but I think they each had some favorite moments of the party.
How come girls even eat differently then boys? She is so dainty.
I am still finding confetti in my hair. Hours later.
Still finding frosting & sprinkles in Mason’s clothes…hours later.
The cupcakes were his favorite. I guess you can tell.
This is me, starting to clean. I think I will be cleaning up confetti & sprinkles for a while now. This was a 3 day idea that came about in no-time-flat. I am very glad I did it. It made the evening more memorable for me to start a New Year off. And, lets face it, sitting watching the ball drop again on tv, just wasn’t too appealing for me this year. You know, I will always find a way to throw a party. Some way some how. Happy New Year, everyone. Hoping there will be many more parties to throw & cupcakes to make & eat in 2010.
Hello! I’m so glad you’re here & reading my posts! I’ve started truncating my posts, so please click over to read the rest of the story!


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    fun! Great pictures…love the balloons and colors! We did a progressive party w friends…appetizers & main food here…dessert around the corner at our friend’s house!

    Hope you have a happy new year!

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    How fun!! I love the “frugal” decor! And the Hwy 127 sale!! I bet that was insane and so fun!

    Loving reading your blog! I am still going back and catching up! :-)

    I had my best friend Jen (babylandree.blogspot.com)read your bf post too. We were still talking about it yesterday and we even did a “woot, woot” earlier today when we were talking. Ha!

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    I just love your decorations! Your kids looked like they had the best time, you are such a sweet mommy. And your pics look great! Congrats on the new camera! I want one so bad, but don’t think the budget will allow this year :( Happy New Year!

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    What a sweet party, we had a kid friendly one also except there were no decorations only a matress pulled into the family room and popcorn. Next year I am going to have to make it more special

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    Um yes please! That is the most adorable thing ever…and the fact that it took hardly any money makes it even that much better. Can you be my mentor with doing fun things with kids and making it cute?


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