Show & Tell and my learning project Part 1

What I got myself for Christmas.  Check this Etsy shop out!!!  (She’s back in business this Friday!!!)  Handmade with love from a very Full House.  I also got this one for one of my BFF.
What the kids got me for Christmas.  A sweater vest type thingy & scraf.  I have been wearing them both like crazy this week.  We haven’t been above freezing in over 5 days.
What Chief got me for Christmas.  The shoes…I asked Santa for in a blog post. :)
What Chief & I got ourselves for Christmas.  We had been saving for this.  I am thrilled with it.  I especially want to thank – Kentucky Mama for all her help, emails, suggestions, asked for advice in helping us decide…just a few days before Christmas. :)  just a little fyi, had a fabulous price on this 4 days before Christmas & a seperate lens.  Honestly, I say this in the most humble way possible, I am very thankful for this.  This was a big ticket item.  One we planned on, saved for, shopped around for, and one that kept me up at night with the sweetest dreams of un-blurred pictures ~ for a very long time.
Now, with all that said…leads me to my quest to learn more this year.  Especially with the new camera.  I know all of you followers & readers that have been reading this blog for a while can testify to my blurred pics or just plain terrible photographs.  Hopefully the new camera will help fix those crossed eyed moments & I can learn by joining up with PROJECT 365 from Photojojo.  I have started a seperate Flickr account to display my Project 365, that will hopefully be up on my sidebar soon.  My plan is to take a pic of anything that strikes my fancy – because that is obviously how I will learn more, with on the spot photos.  But I am sure the majority will be of the kids.  Btw, anyone can do the project 365 & start a flickr acct.  I know there are some out there that don’t have a blog – that happen to read this blog that may be interested in starting such a project for the new year.   Either for learning or to watch your child(ren) grow throughout the year, I think it’s a great idea.  One I hope to do all 365 days of!!!
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