Show & Tell and my learning project Part 1

What I got myself for Christmas.  Check this Etsy shop out!!!  (She’s back in business this Friday!!!)  Handmade with love from a very Full House.  I also got this one for one of my BFF.
What the kids got me for Christmas.  A sweater vest type thingy & scraf.  I have been wearing them both like crazy this week.  We haven’t been above freezing in over 5 days.
What Chief got me for Christmas.  The shoes…I asked Santa for in a blog post. :)
What Chief & I got ourselves for Christmas.  We had been saving for this.  I am thrilled with it.  I especially want to thank – Kentucky Mama for all her help, emails, suggestions, asked for advice in helping us decide…just a few days before Christmas. :)  just a little fyi, had a fabulous price on this 4 days before Christmas & a seperate lens.  Honestly, I say this in the most humble way possible, I am very thankful for this.  This was a big ticket item.  One we planned on, saved for, shopped around for, and one that kept me up at night with the sweetest dreams of un-blurred pictures ~ for a very long time.
Now, with all that said…leads me to my quest to learn more this year.  Especially with the new camera.  I know all of you followers & readers that have been reading this blog for a while can testify to my blurred pics or just plain terrible photographs.  Hopefully the new camera will help fix those crossed eyed moments & I can learn by joining up with PROJECT 365 from Photojojo.  I have started a seperate Flickr account to display my Project 365, that will hopefully be up on my sidebar soon.  My plan is to take a pic of anything that strikes my fancy – because that is obviously how I will learn more, with on the spot photos.  But I am sure the majority will be of the kids.  Btw, anyone can do the project 365 & start a flickr acct.  I know there are some out there that don’t have a blog – that happen to read this blog that may be interested in starting such a project for the new year.   Either for learning or to watch your child(ren) grow throughout the year, I think it’s a great idea.  One I hope to do all 365 days of!!!
Hello! I’m so glad you’re here & reading my posts! I’ve started truncating my posts, so please click over to read the rest of the story!


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    I recently found your blog through another and just love it!! I too have the xsi (got it last Christmas) and so far love it!! Feel free to check out my blog, I don’t update often, but all of the pictures on there were taken with my xsi. Let me know if you have any questions, I would be glad to try to answer them!!

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    Nice Christmas!

    Don’t you just LOVE the new camera. I adore it. I was taking great pics with it even before taking the time to learn it’s basic functions. I took the time to read the manual and snap random pics while sitting bedside when hubs was in the hospital this weekend. I’m amazed at how easy some of the features are. No more 200 pics just to get a few good ones for me. They will ALL be good from now on. I got amazing pics of the blue moon the other night too.

    Have fun. I can’t wait to see how you do and what inspires you.

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    Awesome Christmas, Kellie! Reading your manual and practice, practice, practice is key. You’ll get plenty of practice with the Project 365. I may do that with you. It would force me to use my camera everyday….even though I’ve already missed out on a whole week. I already have a Flickr acct so that is one step in the game:)We can learn together:)

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    elizabeth ~ if it wasn’t for you, “Mrs. Kentucky Mama” we wouldn’t have this fancy schmancy camera.

    btw, i didn’t find out about project 365 till january 3rd. so it’s no biggie. just add some to the collection.:)
    i also started a seperate flickr acct for project 365 under my blog name. just so my personal flickr acct. would be seperate from this project.

    thanks again for all the info!!! especially on the week of CHRISTMAS!

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    I just love you Kellie bellie…I love that you got a new camera. You are going to have so much with it. It’s funny how the world looks a little different when you are always looking for a moment with your camera. Things you never noticed before start to jump out.

    That headband looks so cute on you. Thank you so much for always making me feel so darn good!

    Have a great weekend friend!

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