Favorites in February

If you are new around here, I usually do a favorite things post @ the beginning of each month.  Well, as usual I am late to post this AND I noticed I skipped January?!?  Must of been the holiday haze…anyways, it’s kinda a list of what I look forward to.  And if you haven’t noticed already – I love all things seasonal.  So here we go, this one is pretty simple, like February tends to be.  Simple, but with a sweet twist to it.
Citrus is everywhere & who can resist the color?  I look forward to an orange every morning in February.
Speaking of mornings, maybe it’s the cold weather but having a fresh hot breakfast every morning is a must in this month!
It’s the month I first became a mother & started this wonderful journey.
Which leads me to planning a b-day party for my oldest.  Hoping I can juggle as much as she!
Snow.  It is still a welcomed surprise!
In February,  it is my pleasure to see little sprouts of daffodils right outside my window.  Yes, Winter is still here, but a reminder that Spring is on it’s way.
I love vintage Valentine’s.  One day I will make a wreath similar to this.
The world become one sweet &big love fest for an entire week!
The new colors of Spring are a sight for sore eyes in February!  So good to see some color!
Perhaps it just me, but I do focus on my home more in this month.  Too cold to go outside & sprucing up the home decor is a sure way to cure the Winter blues in my book!
Indoor flowers!  Forced bulbs, violets, ivy – you name it, I am loving any one of these potted delights to bring some Spring inside!
 So, what are your favorites?  What did I leave off the list?
Ok, gotta run & finish the Valentine Card assembly line – another favorite, especially this year, since Graham is getting into it!
Don’t forget —-
your choice of either this
or this below
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    These are beautiful favorites. They made me feel better just looking at them!!! I bought a bunch of tulips the other day and they’ve changed my world. A little spot of sunshine and promised Spring right on my mantle. I think I need plants of forced flower or something, because winter gets a little long and depressing. Happy birthday to your baby!


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