let’s have some *PILLOW TALK* ~ shall we?

Remember this???  From a previous post?
I guess you could say it was a sneak peek ~ so we could have some *pillow talk*.  Right before Valentine’s Day. 😉

Our bedroom is the last room for everything.  Last bed to get made (if @ all,) last to get cleaned, it’s the place where clean laundry gets dumped but sometimes not folded & put up.   Basically it is the most overlooked room in our house.  So, I wanted to do a little something – something (?) to bring life & some “pillow talk”  back into this room.  I was inspired by my blogging friend Frances’ family portrait of her new  beautiful baby.  She had the text I used for the pillows on a wall plaque.   Another blogging friend, Rhonda took the picture.  (You can see the beautiful inspiration photo, here on Rhonda Thompson Photography Blog.)  And, basically I ran with an idea & the text in my mind.
I made 2 basic pink euro sham pillowcases.  No frills.   Sewed 4 straight lines to make a sham. (Because that’s all I know how to do in the sewing dept.)
And, basically did the same for the burlap pillow cases.  Although, I made more of a envelope fold over for the top.  See pic below ~ and then I sewed the triangle fold so when it did fold over, it would be a nice square box.
Then I printed my text via Picnik.com.  Again, another plug for Picnik.  Once you print your text – just remember to FLIP it, like a mirrored look.
And then I used this below.  I bought mine from Wal-Mart.  I had never used this before.  But I was tempted to try after seeing Flea Market Trixie’s project.
I will admit,  I was a little nervous doing this.  BUT it was so EASY!  The only thing to remember is iron on Hard Surface.  NOT your ironing board  (I used my wood cutting board) & remove QUICKLY!
And just like that, you have a written text on your pillows.

Besides the fact that I love this quote, & I mean it,   I am thrilled with how they turned out.  I like the rough textured against the white & the pink.  A friend asked me, if Chief likes the white.  I can honestly say, Chief doesn’t say too much about what I do.  But I really did try to make a good balance with color. (Remember here folks, my bed is not always made.)  Under the white bedding, we have darker sheets.  Chocolate brown, deep taupey colors, etc.  It’s a good compromise, it may not look it when the bed is made, but there is a good balance of white & dark colors.


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    Just saw these today on your 2011 valentine post about what you did in 2010, and they are so pretty! I have a project in mind to use this text in, it’s very sweet.

    Also, my husband doesn’t say much about what I do either as far as decorating 😉 and I can’t say I wish he were more involved… I’m picky! lol

  2. says

    Love these pillows! Question- I used transfer paper once on t-shirts and while the image came out, it was a bit shiny and I could see the transfer paper material around the image edges. Did you do anything other than put the whole page down and iron? Yours looks great and rough. Maybe its the paper I used. Will have to check paper package when I get home.

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