dreaming in pastel flowers & plates

What is it about this week – that makes me think in all things dishes & flowers?
All I want to do is stroll through the flower market, eat off of pastel plates & turn everything around me into a pastel oasis. I love this week before Easter.  The feeling is nothing short of magical.
If I had my way, I would own an entire collection of ruffled plates in all shades of pastels & hang them all around the house this week.  Luckily, thanks to my friend Leah & some Ebay finds I have a “start” of a ruffly porcelain collection, that I plan to place sweet treats or some Easter floral prettiness on for the entire week. 
My Grandma’s white linen tablecloth is ironed – ready to go.
I’m pretty sure I have narrowed down the menu for Easter Sunday.
And our weather is going to be nothing but perfect for the week.
Ahh, no need to dream here – Easter week is here & pastels are in full bloom.
What a pleasure it is to live in the South during Spring & be surronded outdoors by a pastel ruffly oasis of blooms as well.
image 1 & 2 from Brabourne Farm via flickr image 3 & 8 from country living image 4,5,6,&7 from martha stewart
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