dreaming in pastel flowers & plates

What is it about this week – that makes me think in all things dishes & flowers?
All I want to do is stroll through the flower market, eat off of pastel plates & turn everything around me into a pastel oasis. I love this week before Easter.  The feeling is nothing short of magical.
If I had my way, I would own an entire collection of ruffled plates in all shades of pastels & hang them all around the house this week.  Luckily, thanks to my friend Leah & some Ebay finds I have a “start” of a ruffly porcelain collection, that I plan to place sweet treats or some Easter floral prettiness on for the entire week. 
My Grandma’s white linen tablecloth is ironed – ready to go.
I’m pretty sure I have narrowed down the menu for Easter Sunday.
And our weather is going to be nothing but perfect for the week.
Ahh, no need to dream here – Easter week is here & pastels are in full bloom.
What a pleasure it is to live in the South during Spring & be surronded outdoors by a pastel ruffly oasis of blooms as well.
image 1 & 2 from Brabourne Farm via flickr image 3 & 8 from country living image 4,5,6,&7 from martha stewart
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    Hi Kellie,
    I would LOVE to have you link up to my first-ever DI4Y linky party this Thursday. It is based on 1 Peter 4:10 which says, “…each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others.” I’m asking folks to link up a project that was created out of love for someone else. It can be simple or grand just as long as it is from the heart!, I hope to see you Thursday! You can find out more at my blog, A Lovely Place to Land or at our new website, http://www.thedi4yproject.com


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    Ummm, bliss, and amen to it all. I will not be planning a menu or ironing a tablecloth, but I will enjoy it all done by the hands of my mother-in-law in her picture perfect backyard, watching my dolled up babies run around with their seldom seen cousins, making up for lost time and making memories to hold them until the next visit. I love this week and the time set aside to honor our Lord.

    Hope it is all that you desire, enjoy those plates.

    Cha Cha

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    love all these pictures. love love them. makes me wish i had offered to have sunday lunch at my house this year. kind of. :)

    and i was going to tell you – from a comment you left last week – i do not think you’re crazy – that is sweet about your best friend – there are few people that really get to see life as crazy as it can get – or even imagine it – it is good to have people that “get it” and understand!

    one reason i started blogging was to make other mom friends, or any friends for that matter – can’t have too many! :)

    happy easter!!! …curious what your menu is going to be!

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