So My Walls Can Talk Part 1 ~ chalkboard wall

If they were to give out prizes of who had the dullest hallway, I would’ve won!
But….not anymore!
I have BIG plans for this hallway.  This is Part 1.
The making of a chalkboard wall.
The supplies & what to do are pretty self explanatory.  Btw, the chalkboard paint was bought @ Wal-Mart.  I think it was $8.97 for a quart.
Molding for my 8ft 9 in wall $14.66. {I did buy a thick molding.  I *heart* thick molding.}
A laser light is highly recommended along with painter’s tape.
I knew I wanted molding around the top of the chalkboard wall.  Some people don’t.  I just thought this might help them (my kids) “mentally” realize that they should stop drawing once they hit the molding…time will tell on that one.
Just in case you are wondering what that black thing is in pic#2 of the collage it’s the playpen – for a barricade.  It didn’t work – though.  In the pic #3 of the above collage – yep that’s me, cutting my molding @ Home Depot.  Loved that feeling it gave me, of “Doing it Myself.”
Here’s the finish look.  I L-O-V-E it!  I am giddy about this project.  This is where my 3 hang out.  I think alot of graffiti will take place here.  And that’s is a-okay by me!
 As you can see the playpen barricade didn’t work.  stinker.
Here she is with her first inaugural drawing.  Just had to do a Spring pennant banner!
Already so fun!
But this is how it will look most of the time. 😉 As long as these 3 are happy, then I’m happy with any look their little creative souls want to make.  One never knows what kind of talent this may help produce.

 During the holidays we have A LOT of fun with this hallway!

See how we add Twinkle Lights to our hallway every year!  All the details are in this post.  It takes about 15 minutes!


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    I love this!! How creative. I just got the stuff to do it. So excited.

    I do have a couple questions, though. Did you need more than 2 coats of paint? And how do you deal with all of the dust that falls? Is it getting all in your quarter round molding on the floor?

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