rare book collection of botanical & butterfly printables

One of the things that always seems so seasonal appropriate this time of year, is decorating with botanical prints.  It’s just Spring to me.  Whether it be with a rare antique flower collection, displays of nature, or a specimen collection such as butterflies or cocoons.  The look & feel of decorating with botanicals announces the birth of Spring & new beginnings. 
I think most would view using botanical prints has a traditional way to decorate.  For example in the above & below picture.  All I know is that I never get tired of looking through each displayed collection to experience the story & birth they tell.  It’s just magical.
Ballard Designs – love the black frames 
As for me, I would like to try a less traditional approach to decorating with botanical or vintage specimen prints, like the pictures below.
I usually am ISO rare books with vintage pictures.  To be honest, I don’t have a lot of wall space in my house to decorate with, but these types of books appeal to me just to own & collect.  A couple of months ago, I happened upon The Butterfly Book on ebay.  It was written in 1900.  Needless, to say I won the auction.  When I received the book, I was thrilled by the vintage pictures & encyclopedia type of detail.
So, I thought…why not share with all of you.  Make it so you all could print however many you would like or just one.
*Please note, I am not the best when it comes to scanning.*  In fact, I would get fired in a heart beat if this was a real job.  Some of these may be a little off-center, but I do promise that these are from the original antique book: The Butterfly Book written in 1900. 
Just double click on a pic & print away. 
I would recommend printing on cardstock.
Aren’t they gorgeous?
So far, this is the only thing I’ve done with this collection.  Using 2 frames from the dollar store & displaying them on my mantel.

But I do have plans for more!
Let me know if you print some off & you gotta share the deets on how you plan to decorate with them!

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    You should look into nature books by Gene Stratton-Porter. I’ve only read her fiction, but she also published nature books with drawings of moths and butterflies in the early 1900s. I’ll bet there would be some pictures worth framing in some of those books. Or you could go for a more modern look with Pheromone by Christopher Marley.

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    This is just about the most awesome post I’ve seen in a long time! Love, love, love… off to buy some cardstock to print. I’ll even take a set of these into my preschool class to share. They love looking at things like this through magnifying glasses. Then we’ll go outside to hunt the real thing.

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    Thanks! Just printed out the one with the yellow butterflies. I am thinking of using it with an upcoming project! I will show it to you if I do!

    I found you today through your awesome bag giveaway on Shabby Cottage. I am your newest follower! Yeah!


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