shake & shimmy mantel

A couple of weeks back I mentioned how my little girl has a thing for anything that’s fuzzy, pink or filled with glitter.  She will be the one with pink flamingos in her yard, there’s no question about it.  She even wants horned rimmed glasses with sequins.  So when we’re in the fabric stores, she makes a mad dash to the clearance scrap bins & picks out anything with fur, glitter or pink.  So with all that on hand ~ the shake & shimmy frame was created.  Trust me, it doesn’t go with *a thing* in our house, but it’s Valentines & she’s in love with the display.
I’ve been wanting to display some of my casual instagram pics around the house.  So I thought it would be fun to display some in old jars on the mantel.   Nothing permanent, but just to display some of my faves.   I made them all black & white using picasa & printed them out on cardstock.  I am loving the contrast of the black & whites against all the shake & shimmy trim.  It just kinda evolved into this direction & I’m loving it for a fun Valentine’s mantel.
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  1. SoOO cute!!! You’re so creative. I love it.

  2. How fun for Valentine’s Day!! I like that a lot… maybe that’d be cute for decor my cousin’s baby shower… hmm… contemplation moment…. lol!

    Thanks for sharing pics from your home! :)


  3. How cool with the pictures in the jar! Different and I love that! Nice job ;)

  4. That is just too adorable. Awesome job.

  5. The instagram / mason jar idea is so smart! Love it!

  6. Very Cute!

  7. That is such a cute idea! Love it!

    Visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

  8. So cute!! I love all the different trims hanging inside the frame… that is such a great idea! It puts a fun twist on your mantel :) And it is so cool that you included your Intragrams in the design! Hahaha, that is funny that you said you were obsessed because we are doing a week of Instragram ideas on our blog next week, starting Monday. We’d love to have you check it out! Thanks!

  9. This is so unique and I love the feel f it… :) xo

  10. Looks cute !! I love it !!

  11. What a fun and original mantel!
    But those picture jars, are the real stars for me. Had to pin them.

  12. Seriously Adorable!!! Love the jars and the use of the trim!! Super cute!!

  13. LOVE the shake & shimmy mantle! I’m gonna have to try this!! I also heart pink flamingoes (I put 11bin our yard for my daughters 11th birthday)


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