Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Truth:  I’ll be spending the next few days trying to talk my 6 y.o.into allowing me to make his Valentines just one.more.year.  You can see from this post last year, that I kinda like making a whole day out of it.  😉
He wants those Star Wars Valentines, you know the ones in a booooox.  (It’s all I can do to keep from saying booooox – it’s such a painful word, for this paper loving mama.)  He says he wants light sabers on his Valentines.  Gah.  He’s killing me.  My husband just rolls his eyes at me.
All I ask, is that I make his Valentine cards until the twins go to school.  Then he can have those booooox kind of cards & I’ll make the twins their Valentines.  Well, until they’re ready for light sabers & barbies, that is. Gah!
I couldn’t help but put some of my favorite homemade cards in a post.   Just so I could at least have them here on the blog.  You know…just in case I don’t get my way this weekend.
Fingers crossed, I do.
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    Oh these are just perfect! Is it a sad thing I have seen them all on pinterest? Is it ruining things for those who do amazing round ups like these? Although I would not have wanted to miss a bit of your commentary on the boooooooxed cards. You are too adorable!

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    All of these ideas are wonderful. I love the arrows…

    I’m sure you’ve looked into all the possibilities, but you could make him a Star Wars card that was way more special than from the box. :) I know what you mean about cards from box. They stifle creativity!

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    I really like the first picture. That card is so cute. My kids just got me an envelope printer for my birthday and now I really want to make my own cards. I am not very crafty but I am going to try. I can’t wait until the next holiday so I can send out homemade cards and decorated envelopes.

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