FIZZ ~ my new go to drink

Can we talk about my new obsession?
Don’t you just love the name?  There’s so easy & fun to make + there’s endless possibilities.
But let’s talk about what you may not know.
There guilt less!
Lo cal
I’ll go ahead and add the word healthy
Refreshing & thirst quenching too
Perfect for one serving or more
Y’all know I’m on a diet, right?  It’s been almost a month now.  And let me tell y’all something,  I had to give up sweet tea.  Lawd have mercy.  That first week, I about drove my husband insane.  Remember I live in Tennessee.  The heart of sweet tea nation.  You have sweet tea with everything in the South.  Even breakfast. So, I had to come up with something that was lo cal, fun, would work well in my mason jars & of course thirst quenching.
FIZZ was my answer.

Here’s a run down of some of my favorites ~ remember your imagination is your recipe.  And seriously, they take very little effort for fabulous results.

You know that trick with the mason jar & the blender blade.  It works!
I cannot say enough about the easy clean up as well.  Single serving or for more.
I think this would be fabulous at a party.  Just have a friend or two bring their blenders over & everyone can do their own concoction in a mason jar!
This one below, is my fave.  I love them all & I have different ones all the time.  Because let’s face it, drinking water all the live long day gets boring.  But there’s something about this combo, I love cilantro.  I know some would find this odd in a drink, but it’s good.  You can also use, rosemary, basil or mint.
The basic recipe for any FIZZ –
fill your glass of choice 3/4 full of sparkling water
add juice/nectar of your choice of fruit(s) to your desired liking
(blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, lime, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, orange ~ etc)
herbs if you like
(rosemary, mint, basil, cilantro)
ice, ice baby
some may find they have to add additional sweeteners
or whatever else your imagination can think up
the sky is the limit

Now I know that some of you are wondering – what in that can?  Where’s the coconut?
Well, just because I knew you all would ask, here you go…

It’s at Target for heaven sakes.  Can’t get anymore convenient than that!
It’s zero in everything.  Calories, sodium, sweetener = ZERO!  I love this stuff.

The possibilities are endless.  You can add anything you can think up.  It almost becomes addicting just to think up a new one a day.  I want to throw a party just to have a FIZZ bar.  I think it would be so fun.
Trust me when I say, it has really helped on the ‘ole diet & scale by turning in my beloved sweet tea for FIZZ.
So what would be your FIZZ of choice?

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  1. says

    I want to come to your fizz bar party!! Maybe we could make some in mason jars and skype together some time :) Way to go lady for finding an alternative to sweet tea … I know exactly how you feel – Carolina girl through and through.

    I like mint green tea with a hint of honey, after cutting back on sugar long enough it tastes pretty close to the real deal :)

    Cranberry & lime fizz is a favorite of mine as well. Pomegranate is a fun alternative to throw in.

    Can’t wait to try a few of your combos! Thanks

  2. says

    I love all the flavour combinations you’ve come up with! I tend to just put Crystal Light in my club soda and call it a day, but this is so much more exciting. Especially the idea of attaching a mason jar to the blender. Genius!

  3. says

    I think its about 80 degrees outside right now. I WILL NOT turn my air on this early in the season. One of these drinks would be amazing right now!!! I love your idea of a Fizz party…bet a little vodka would be fun for a girls night…

  4. says

    Woooow, I’m impressed. And I had no idea about this mason jar trick. But I’m kind of in love.

    Also, I’ve been traveling back and forth to Louisiana for work (I’m originally from New England), and I’ve been on a sweet tea kick since this job started. I’m impressed by your strength.

  5. says

    I definitly need to look for the coconut flavored water at Target. I’ve been making flavored waters with frozed fruit lately and sometimes really want some fizz so this just might do the trick and add a bit of flavor too.

  6. says

    I’d like to try your fizz idea with kola extract–giving up Coke is pretty hard, too. I love sweet tea, too, and have started sweetening mine with Nustevia pure white stevia extract powder (available at 1/8 tsp (you read that right) sweetens a whole gallon of tea with no aftertaste and no calories. Stevia is an herb with no adverse side effects. I think it’s helped me lose 10 pounds in the last two months!

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