how to color chalk your hair

I know, I know…this isn’t for everyone.  But ever since I’ve heard about using regular pastel chalk to temporarily color your hair, I’ve wanted to give it a try.
As you all know, I love color.  So why not try it just for fun in my hair?
It was a cheap little experiment, that took no time at all.  The end result, well I loved it too!
pastel chalk – oil free
cup of water
*hair dryer* – if so desired
I purchased my set of pastel chalk from Joanne’s for $5.99.  But I had a 40% off coupon via my Joanne’s app on my iPhone.  So the set of chalk became a really good deal.
Would I do this everyday – no.  Just for fun – yes!  GNO – you bet!

Now, let me say, I am no pro when it comes to vlogging.  I hate to hear myself talk.  I think I counted the word “sassy” 6 times, back to back to back in the video.  oh dear.
But I know this video will be much easier to follow than me trying to explain it in a written post.

 When I say “this is my natural hair” at the beginning of the video, I meant natural as in I pay for it., naturally.  :)  If anyone needs to find me,  I’ll be the one  in the corner covering my eyes each time this is played.  oy.

And here’s the end result.  I tried my best to calm down my big, Tennessee, chalked colored, hair just for you all.  

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But just so y’all know, it’s hard to fight against the forces of nature.  My hair has always been & always will be BIG, frizzy, out of control Tennessee hair.  😉
Now it just has pastel streaks.  At least I’m “current” when it comes to the pastel colors for the season.
Hope you enjoyed the show!
Let me know if you decide to join the pastel chalk train.
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  1. says

    Kellie!! You are just adorable! And I love your voice, it is soft & sweet and just darling! Your hair looks so cute! I will need to try this with my girls-they will love it! oxo

  2. says

    Fun, fun, fun! I love it. You are so natural on video. Now I’m wondering if the white paint that is in my hair from painting our laundry room is in vogue ;-).

    I’ll definitely have to try this sometime, although I need to curl my hair after it’s wet. I have the opposite of your beautiful curls. Flat thin and lifeless hair.


  3. says

    Oh my gosh, you are just too cute! I’ve never heard of color chalking hair. Seems like fun. I also have a Joanne’s coupon; I’ll have to check it out. Love your southern accent!

  4. says

    Kellie you did great!! I found this on Pinterest too and tried it out. I felt like it made my hair feel dryer in that area and look dull, although brightly colored! Do you think I did something wrong, or did you get the same general results?

  5. says

    Great video. With the sun shinning through I saw the little streaks of color in your hair. My daughter would flip if she could do this. She has really dark hair though. I wonder if it will show up. We’ll just have to try it. Thanks so much!!

  6. says

    Kellie, you are so inspirational. Your hair looks amazing, fun, and cute. I cant wait to show my sister this so we can try it on ourselves. This is great because it is encouraging women to experiment with their hair, having no fear. I have a darker natural hair color, my sister has a strawberry blonde color which may hold better. Keep up the great work!

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