arriving in style to SNAP! {ahem…}

Well, I made it to Utah and the SNAP! conference.

My bag, shoes & I tried to make a cute entrance on the plane.  I guess we succeeded for a few minutes.  Shortly after take off, I managed to spill almost an entire Venti size coffee on myself.  ~ I guess that’s what I get from tweeting, that I was trying to guzzle down coffee before I entered Mormon nation, uh, I mean Utah.  😉

Of course, the SNAP!  peeps tweeted me back & assured me they would have coffee here for all of us caffeine addicts.  But, the thought of not finding coffee for a few days, made me worried & for a couple of hours yesterday morning, I became a guzzling fool.  😉

On the plane I met Natalie from Johnny in a Dress & Jen from Scissors & Spatula!  They are the sweetest!  I had the deer in the headlights look when they turned around & asked me if I was this girl on Instagram (while pointing to my picture.)  I should have had the mindset when I boarded the plane, thinking that some bloggers could be on the same plane.  But I didn’t, dummy me.  I was in my own bubble.

 I’m sure they thought I was one crazy nut.  Because I just froze & didn’t say a thing for a few seconds.

Anywhoo…after the coffee saturated plane ride, my cousin Maegan arrived on her flight & the four of us shared an interesting taxi ride to the hotel.
We arrived in style to the hotel.
Our taxi had faux fur lined seats.
I’m just wondering if anyone else arrived in such rock star style?


Speaking of Instagram…..

I’m thrilled to be sponsored by Stickygram for the SNAP! conference!!!
You know…they’re the people who turn your Instagram pics into magnets!  So fun!
I’ll be handing out some little goodies & a coupon for some Stickygram while at the conference.

here’s the coupon code for Stickygram:
enter the word:  SNAP
at checkout for 20% off your purchase at Stickygram

 You can also follow my Instagram stream and/or my twitter stream to see all the details!   And of course, see some crazy pics along the way!  If you’re at the SNAP! conference come find me & I’ll be happy to share the deets!

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here & reading my posts! I’ve started truncating my posts, so please click over to read the rest of the story!


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    Oh my goodness Kellie, you are too funny. Having lived in Utah all my life, I can understand the Mormonville crack, I hear it all the time :) However, I am sure you will not have any trouble finding coffee here. If you can’t find any, just come and visit me and I will make you a special cup :) Might even put some Baileys in it lol

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