Summertime fun: make a recycled playhouse

I’m a sucker for some of my old posts.
They’re like my old clothes to me.  I can still remember the memories & what I was doing while wearing them.  Please tell me, you understand that last sentence?  😉
I made this recycled playhouse a long time ago, before I ever knew what a link party was twitter, didn’t have facebook, or pinterest.   I may have had 100 followers by this time.  Maybe.  But I’m kinda thinking of making another one, since Summer is in full swing.  It really was so easy & was tons of fun for my kids + a few friends to play around in for a week or two.
After I made it, we invited just a few friends over to come & paint it.  For a paint party playhouse playdate.  Say that fast for 5 times.  wowza.
Okay here’s the break down of supplies:

a large appliance/furniture box
a smaller box for the roof
packaging tape – lots
ruler & pencil
utility knife
glue gun & sticks
1 roll of borderette
soft jewelry wire – optional
wooden butterflies or bugs – optional
1 flat sided bucket (for window box) – optional
a handful of flower – optional
And here’s the step by steps that I took way back when.
Once it was done, I let the kids run with their own imagination for the playdate playhouse painting party.
I set up house, with a clothesline & all.
All the paint was washable, of course.
I had cookies & lemonade, markers, paintbrushes, finger paint & stickers.
No rules.  Just paint & have fun.

And that they did.  This is the perfect thing to do if you have little ones around.  The twins could barely walk when we did this.  But they had a ball crawling in & out of it.  Plus I love it when I can get the kids outside with the paint = less mess to clean up inside!   During the Summer I find myself saying “no” all the time, and I hate that I have to say it.  But for some reason when the playtime goes outside, magic happens.  I rarely have to say “no” and their little imaginations run wild.  One of my favorite things to experience being a mom.

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