Sealife Canvas Art using Mod Podge

Gah!  I’m in total love with these little fellows above.  I can’t believe they turned out so well!  I guess that’s ok to say about a project I did.  ;)   It was my second time to use Mod Podge & goodness gracious the possibilities are endless!
I’ve had a serious crush on this octopus, for like ever!  So I grab some others so he wouldn’t be lonely from The Graphic Fairy blog, another place – where the possibilities are endless.  And started editing/coloring the pictures.

I edited them all through the Ribbet site. 
*You know the one that is exactly like the old picnik?*
I just cropped, played around with the hues & undertone & was able to give them all a brighter more modern look.  I did print them out through picasa.  I feel you have better understanding of how your edits will look with picasa’s printing & the preview options is perfect for projects like this.  I couldn’t find the exact lobster I used.  I did these a while ago & I swear the Summer is such a blur to me right now.  Anyways – follow the instructions using Mod Podge & glue them on a canvas.  Super easy!

They aren’t perfect but I’m loving the Sealife added into our decor for the Summer.   I also scored some major Mommy points with my oldest on this decorating project!
High fives all around.  Woot!

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