Sealife Canvas Art using Mod Podge

Gah!  I’m in total love with these little fellows above.  I can’t believe they turned out so well!  I guess that’s ok to say about a project I did.  ;)   It was my second time to use Mod Podge & goodness gracious the possibilities are endless!
I’ve had a serious crush on this octopus, for like ever!  So I grab some others so he wouldn’t be lonely from The Graphic Fairy blog, another place - where the possibilities are endless.  And started editing/coloring the pictures.

I edited them all through the Ribbet site. 
*You know the one that is exactly like the old picnik?*
I just cropped, played around with the hues & undertone & was able to give them all a brighter more modern look.  I did print them out through picasa.  I feel you have better understanding of how your edits will look with picasa’s printing & the preview options is perfect for projects like this.  I couldn’t find the exact lobster I used.  I did these a while ago & I swear the Summer is such a blur to me right now.  Anyways – follow the instructions using Mod Podge & glue them on a canvas.  Super easy!

They aren’t perfect but I’m loving the Sealife added into our decor for the Summer.   I also scored some major Mommy points with my oldest on this decorating project!
High fives all around.  Woot!

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  1. These look awesome!

  2. Fun idea!

  3. oh Kellie I LOVE this!!!

  4. GREAT JOB and I love the octopus too. I am crazy for jellyfish myself!

  5. Love them. I just might have to try this!!!

  6. These are very cute and seems pretty easy! Would be great way to decorate a beach cottage (my husband’s dream).

  7. You clever girl! Love how you played with color. :)

  8. Your canvas art looks great!!!

  9. Awesome job. They look so Thomas Paul.

  10. So cute. I love the octopus!

  11. p.s. your project was just featured on

  12. They turned out great!!

  13. These are so great, just pinned!

  14. This is totally on my list for my son’s shark room. This turned out fantastic!!! Love the wall color, too!

  15. These are great. I would never have guessed how you made them!
    Kelly at Little Wonders’ Days

  16. What a great idea, I love the ways these look!

  17. Love these. I’ve actually, been trying to figure something out to use with the octopus. But, I am so confused about the process that you used. Did you cut the sealife out and then modged it to the canvas?

  18. thank you for this lovely prints!

  19. These look amazing. I actually use these same graphics for pillows. I love what you did with them!

  20. Did you print on just plain white paper and then cut them out?

  21. They are fab… what did u do – cut them out or modgepodge the whole page onto canvas? :-)

  22. Hi, I’m not quite sure how you did this either. Could you explain the process a little more? Thanks so much!


  23. Hi, I’m not quite sure how you did this either. Could you explain the process a little more? Thanks so much!


  24. You have done great work. You have made great canvas art of the sea creatures. These prints are looking so beautiful. I want to say thanks for sharing this great prints.

    canvas art


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