Classic & Elegant Placecards for your Thanksgiving Table

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I’m typically a simple but classic kind of girl.  I truly enjoy a decorated table.  It makes my Thanksgiving meal just taste better.  
(Although, I’ve never had a Thanksgiving meal I didn’t like. 😉
I love bringing out the special linens, candles & decor.  All the special touches build on what Thanksgiving is & the memories it will always hold.
A couple of weeks ago I had an idea to make simple but classic placecards for our Thanksgiving table.

I just wanted to use simple words that represent everything about Thanksgiving:
So that everyone could use them & perhaps even reflect on what the year has brought to all of us.

So this weekend I played around with my idea & I love how they turned out.
I used a characteristic scrolly font that hopefully represents Thanksgiving’s signature style.
Feel free to print out as many as you would like.  
I recommend using heavy card stock – in any shade of color.
As most of my readers know, I don’t have a fancy pdf file…just do the copy/paste/print method.  
I used mine through Picasa & they turned out perfect.

Just trim around the dotted lines using a paper cutter or scissors & fold.
It’s that simple.

Goodness, I’m already starting to taste all the good food that will be on those dishes!  
I can’t wait.  I’m curious to know how your family serves a Thanksgiving meal.  I’ve done both & I can’t decide which I enjoy better.  
Do you eat Thanksgiving buffet style or family style?

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    Hi — Love this idea — was just thinking about doing place cards this year too. Also, I see that you have those coveted velvet pumpkins. Please check out — they have some lovely velvet pumpkins too for good prices.

  2. says

    We do the buffet style simply because there are so many of us. But, then we all sit down at one big table to eat. The little ones have their own table and seem to enjoy it that way.

    Thanks for the placecards. They are really pretty and remind us of what all we have to be thankful for.


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