Fall mornings around my neighborhood & rambling

Confession:  2 years ago I let the blog & my shop get in the way of our family enjoying all the Fall beauty outdoors.   I told myself I would never let that happen again.  It didn’t get me anywhere, other than kicking myself in the rear for the rest of the winter.  The kids were still home with me, the shop was growing, I had just introduced the game day bags & I was hosting the fall festival link party (which I LOVED doing with all my heart.)  But for me at that time in my life, it was too much with a husband that traveled for his job.  I vowed I would never do that again to myself or the kids. Last year, I gave up hosting the Fall Festival link party which allowed me to focus on shop orders which, was more beneficial for our family & our income.  It was the smart thing to give up doing, but a hard choice to make.  After the decision was done, I realized it was the best decision I probably ever made about blogging & eliminating more stress for our home.  Because Fall is my favorite.

Now, after 7 years I have turned a new page in my mommy book.  I am home alone during the day while all 3 are in school.  I cannot wait for every morning to arrive.  Yes, to take the kids to school (just keeping it honest, here 😉  But also to see what the morning holds.  There’s nothing better than a Fall morning, in my book.  It passes all too quickly.  It’s like your waking up in a museum to see what natural art piece will be on exhibit today.  – I love that about Fall mornings.

I was thinking about that Fall 2 years ago this past week.  Yes, I was & still am grateful for all those orders, but sometimes you have to know when to stop or take a step back.  Or give yourself a longer turnaround time, because you’ll be kicking yourself for a whole year & then some because you didn’t take the time to soak in the beauty of the season.  Trust me, I know!  I guess what I’m trying to say, is always take time for you & your family.  Or put a high value on your time.  Because it is “yours” & you can never get it back.

So now, almost every morning if you were driving down our neighborhood you will find me, our dog & my iPhone soaking it all in.  It only happens once a year & I’m not letting it slip by ever again.

I happened to find this poem the other day, & I must say it’s like she wrote it with me in mind.  All the way down to the “sweater matched with summer shoes!”  Enjoy ~

Shining sun, chilly morning
Autumn came without a warning.
Sweater matched with summer shoes
Milk the last of summertime, who’s
Steamy grip has finally slipped
And let in autumn’s tingly nip.
Walk to farmer’s market square
The squash and herbs and seeds are there,
And with a parcel for my pay,
I head back home, to tuck away
Again to blankets soft and worn,
To block against the chilly morn.

Christina A. Nelson


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    Very beautifully put! You are so right, you can never get those lost moments back. I think Eckhart Tolle would call it “Living in the Now.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful photos.

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