The easiest sewing tutorial. Make your own Napkin Holders for theholidays.

Have I ever mentioned that fabrics & textures make me weak in the knees?  They really do!  I decided I  wanted my Thanksgiving table to be in yummy layers of rich fabrics, trims & colors.  To reflect the season, but also because it’s me & part of who I am. There’s something to be said about having a handmade home that you’ve created.  It’s a one-of-a-kind thing, that no one else has.  Lately I find myself striving or better yet challenging myself to do just that.  Because really the joy is in the process, especially when the process is cheap & beautiful to the eye of the beholder.
I have been loving the lace trend.  It’s everywhere you look, especially in fashion.  And I can’t get enough of it.  So over the weekend when I made the placesetting cards, I also sewed these lace napkin holders to go along with my theme for my Thanksgiving table, and I must admit I’m quite smitten with them.

Because we all know that accessories can make or break the outfit.
I believe it’s the same for table accessories.  They can make or break the special ambiance you’re trying to create.

To those of you who can sew, then you might just want to skip this part.  But to those of you who are just starting out,or have no idea how to sew this is the easiest sewing instructions I could ever give.  It’s sewing in a straight line.  But even then, if you mess up, NO ONE will ever notice because you’re sewing on lace.   It’s very forgiving, at least in this situation.  So it really is a win/win situation.
And for mere pennies you can have all the lace napkin rings your heart can sew in a matter of minutes!  (The lace & the feathers came from Hobby Lobby, btw)

1.  Measure about how much lace you’ll need to go around your napkins.  Cut your lace accordingly.  Flip your lace over on the wrong side & meet it with the other side.  Using a zig zag stitch sew a line down where your edges meet up.
2.  Trim the excess lace off along the sewed seam. 
3.  After you cut off the extra lace along the seam, flip your lace over on the right side.
4.  Pull your napkin through the lace napkin holder & Presto!  You’re finished.
 It all took just a matter of minutes.
Obviously, you can make these with any kind of trim or even fabric to create a one of a kind Thanksgiving table that reflects your personal style. Not to mention that for pennies you can have something that you personally sewed on your holiday tables that looks fabulous!

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