As we dream by the fire…

We all took a long lovely nap this afternoon & now I’m wide awake.
Our Christmas storage boxes, trims & ornaments have thrown up all over the house.  It is one complete wreck.  I’ll even go one step further & say I still have boxes of Halloween decor to take down to the basement.  It’s bad, real bad.  The good thing is, my husband is understanding.  Almost too understanding & we are half way there.  Our tree is up & it’s beautiful.  The kids are so excited.  As for me, I’m exhausted!  And I didn’t even cook for Thanksgiving.  What is the deal?
Anyways, I’m dreaming of dreaming by the fire…hopefully by Tuesday this place will be in much better shape!  But hey, I guess we’ve got to make a major mess before it becomes a beautiful mess.
Happy Weekend!
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    I’m in the same boat!! Fall decor all over that hasn’t been put away yet and trying to decorate for Christmas at the same time. It looks like a bomb hit the house. I hope to be all decorated and cleaned up by Tuesday too!

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