Free Chalkboard Fonts & Dingbats – Photoshop NOT required!

It seems chalkboard lettering/art is sweeping the nation, world…pinterest.  I love anything to do with chalkboards!  Heck, I even have a huge DIY chalkboard wall going down our hallway for the kids.  But when you don’t have photoshop or you haven’t been able to master it you kinda are were stuck when it comes to creating a chalkboard effect for graphics.  Well, I’m glad to say………….not anymore!!!
I was playing around with fonts that appear to look like chalk & then it dawned on me I could even download dingbats to give the illusion of chalk artwork.  WHY didn’t I think of this sooner?  I am a dingbat for sure!   The sky is the limit with all the possibilities!!!

To download the free chalkboard background go here.

***EDITED TO ADD:  The above image was made using Picasa.***

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If you use Photoshop, head over to Sweet C’s Design for a full tutorial.
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  1. says

    Love this! Just downloaded all the fonts! I tried to get the background but I think I’m missing something, It’s linking to your AMAZING chalkboard wall? Thank you!

  2. says

    The Bergamot font has dingbats but the font you used for the word “Dingbats” for #4 isn’t Bergamot, is it? Do you know what it is? I LOVE it! Thanks so much!

  3. says

    great idea Kellie! I have a post were I was planning to use some “chalkboard text” soon! So I have a question, I rarely use dingbats because I don’t have a good way to see what they are – so I forget what they have – any tips?

  4. says

    I love it!! Im patiently waiting for my chalk ink to arrive so this will have to hold me over. I love that pinterest led me to your blog its always fun to find new talent!!

  5. says

    thanks so much, Kelli, for this compilation of fonts! i’m not a photoshop user either – FYI, if you use gimp, i found a tutorial that shows you how to further distress the letters a bit to really look like chalk. very cool.

  6. says

    when i clicked over to your blog from tidy mom’s link party, i was instantly smitten by your BEEE-U-TEE-FUL blog! then you have these chalkboard fonts and dingbats and well, you had me at hello! :) Newest GFC-yay!

  7. says

    Cute blog – just stumbled across it! Have to do some more reading, but I’m your newest follower! Also loved your post about Christmas gift ideas – I’m looking for some more cute ideas for a Christmas countdown calendar!

    Anja @

  8. says

    What!?! You can use downloaded fonts in Picasa!?! I love using my crappy old Picasa but did not know you could use downloaded fonts in the program… HOW??? PLEASE TELL HOW!!!

  9. Jennifer says

    These are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing. Hoping you won’t mind sharing a little more info… I’ve downloaded all the fonts on the linked page (and Things We Said, from above). But, would love to know what font is used for each of the words “tidings”, “comfort”, and “repeat”. Thanks so much!!

  10. Laura says

    These are great fonts! Is there any way that you could give a little more info on creating this stuff on Picasa like you did? I haven’t a clue what dingbats is or how to download fonts onto Picasa. I would love to learn how! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • says

      have you ever downloaded fonts to your computer? dingbats are basically the same thing as a font, just images. and you download dingbats the same way as you would a font. do you already have picasa installed in your computer? if or once you do, all the downloaded fonts should transfer over to picasa automatically. hope this helps.

  11. Sheilah Broughton says

    Hi there, I would love to now more about your chalkboard printables and I’m trying. In the meantime, when are you going to do one for Valentine’s Day?? Thanks

  12. KathieR says

    These are AMAZING!! Thank you for putting it all together. I have spent the day playing. One question tho: the Birmingham font you used has an outline, and I can’t find a version that has that. Can you help a gal out??
    Found the SNF fonts you used in another chalkboard share, and LOVE THEM as well. Been a chalkboard fool today! Made a shower invite for my daughter. ;-) Added some pink chalk. ;-) THANK YOU.

    • says

      thank you! for the Birmingham font, i did everything in Picasa & there’s an adjustable bar by the color options. you can slide the bar to the right & it will fade the font of Birmingham to achieve that look. i think i went almost halfway across for that particular look. you’ll see it. :)

      • katie says

        been playing around today too! how would i do that for the font in Photoshop? i am just learning as i go with ps… can can’t figure it out and can’t find a you tube vid on it… thank you!!!

          • katie says

            thank you! i mean though, making the outline of the font??? i googled it and you tubed it… can’t figure it out!? like the first font and the 4th font.. how you adjusted the outline! It looks so good…

          • says

            oh gosh, i don’t know…i make ALL of my chalkboard printables in picasa. there’s a slider option for the fonts to make thick/thin & that’s what i used for those particular fonts. sorry, don’t know what to suggest, because i’ve never used photoshop.

  13. keuntje says

    hi, thanks for sharing this with us! number 6: handy george looks a lot like “pea ellie bellie” from pea fonts.

  14. Rose says

    can someone please give me a little assistance…I downloaded picasa to make some of my own signs, but I have no idea how to work it ouside of the photo capablities…someone help a frustrated girl out!:)

  15. Donna says

    Thank you for sharing this post. LOVE the fonts!! As a teacher. I will have lots of fun playing around with these!

    I’m assuming Picasa is a program. Do you know if it’s still available? I know there is something called Picasa on Google Chrome, but it is only for looking at pictures. I’ve looked at it a few times trying to figure out how you would have used that but just can’t.

    Thanks again for this wonderful post!!

  16. Donna says

    Thank you for your incredible post.. LOVE the fonts!! As a teacher. I will have lots of fun playing around with these!

    I’m assuming Picasa is a program. Do you know if it’s still available? I know there is something called Picasa on Google Chrome, but it is only for looking at pictures. I’ve looked at it a few times trying to figure out how you would have used that but just can’t.

    Thanks again for this wonderful post!!

  17. Alyssa says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting! I just created an awesome announcement flyer for my church youth group and could’t have done it without this guide.

  18. BlueyedTexasGal says

    I downloaded the font zip files but it won’t let me open them in anything. I’m not using photoshop. Is that the only way to use these fonts? Please help?!

    • says

      once you’ve opened the zip files, you download them into your fonts, and then picasa should automatically pick them up through your font downloads.

  19. Kari says

    I’ve downloaded all the fonts and then opened picasa and i’m having trouble creating my sign. some of the fonts does not supply all the letters, and the “dignbats” like number 7 wont show up… any hints?


  20. says

    OMG! This is amazing!!!!! I am so excited! Just thinking of Photoshop makes me break out into a cold sweat! I knew there had to be another way! I want to be able to make signs and invites etc — myself. YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!!

  21. says

    Ive been reviewing your blog and I’m not sure why but I can seem to see your tutorial on how to make a chalkboard sign. I dont know photoshop but I do know very little on picmonkey and picasa. Would it be possible for you to send me a link to this tutorial?

    thank you,


  22. Evelyn says

    Great resource, I wish your “Video of the day:” on the page didn’t start playing automatically though – I know this after 2 minutes frantic searching I figured out where the noise was coming from, very annying.


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