All things Merry & Bright! add Twinkle lights to your hallway


Without question, this has been the best thing I’ve done all season.  And it took about 15 minutes.

Major discussions of Santa & his reindeer, what they want for Christmas & what they’re going to be for next Halloween have all taken place under these fairy twinkle lights.   Every time the twinkle lights turn on all the oooo’s & awwww’s can be heard.

It’s magical, I tell you.  And so relaxing to look at from the couch.

Just get yourself some of these:

And hang.   I highly recommend it.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

p.s.  The post on the Chalkboard Wall in the hallway can be found here.


  1. Love it, Kellie! So festive and fun!

  2. Oh my goodness, LOVE this!!! How fun!

  3. I love this and I know my girls would too!

  4. Brilliant, why didn’t I think of this!

  5. That is soooo pretty Kellie.You are wonderful :)


  6. Absolutely love this, might try it with a nat of lights i saw, my question is where the heck did you plug it in, as I can only now imagine I am going to have a power lead running down the wall and across the hallway in search of a socket.

    • ha! great question. luckily, i only had to use one extension cord. the back of the hallway on the left hand side is my kitchen. i ran the extension cord around the framing of the doorway into the plugin for our fridge. it was an easy plug in.

  7. WAY fun!! Love the joy this brings!!

  8. This is so pretty! I’ve lined the walls before but never the ceiling. Can’t wait to do this!

  9. That is so creative!

  10. Twinkle twinkle little star!!! Oh, how magical for your little children! What a happy environment you have created for their bright little eyes!
    Blessings and a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Thanks – I will let you know how I get on, see if I can convince hubby to try it – wish me luck – we are currently still decorating as we have over 400 Santas that go all through the house and for a variety of reasons we are a little behind schediule.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from our home across the big pond.

  12. This looks absolutely gorgeous!

  13. So incredibly cool Kelly! Love it!

  14. I love it, Kellie. I would just be hanging out in the hallway all the time!

  15. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Love it. Hugs.

  16. So glad I came upon this idea today when looking at the Christmas Open House on the blog….just finished putting it up in our (what looks like) almost identical hallway. Can’t wait for the kids to see it tomorrow when they wake up! Thank you :)

  17. Espectacular, sencillo, fácil y lo mejor…. para cualquier fecha. Me encanta! Gracias.

  18. What a wonderful idea for lighting up the hall way. That is great for any time of the year. What a beautiful blog. You have made many changes since I came last. I will have to make it a point to come back more often. Have a great day.

  19. I love this idea. Did you place hooks in the middle of the ceiling too, kind of a random all over pattern? I can’t wait until Christmas to try this…we may have to do it for Valentine’s Day. Landon would be so in love with this!

    • i just placed hooks on the wall underneath the molding. none on the ceiling. like in a criss cross pattern, if that makes sense??? honestly, done in less than 15 minutes. yes, do it! so fun!

  20. What a fun idea! We have a hallway that would be perfect for these lights!! Thanks!!

  21. Thanks for sharing!! What a fun idea!! We have that exact same hallway set up – the bathroom door on the right and 3 bedrooms at the end. Its fun to see exactly how it would look.

  22. i am trying to figure out how to do this in my house….we only have one hall way and it is upstairs outside our bedrooms…thinking maybe the dinning room needs this done…i have the lights…i just need the hooks

  23. Loves this, will be doing it for the family next Christmas.

  24. Silly question, but how did you power them? Is it running back to a bedroom. I have no outlets in my hall

  25. Loving being a Wife says:

    I did this for my family one year they loved so much it stayed up for a couple of years. No one wanted me to take them down; not even my precious Hubby!! We now have them over our bed; it looks so lovely and romantic.


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