DIY: Chunky Color Chain Bracelets


If you love accessories, raise your hand.  >>>My hand is raised really high!<<<

If you love the thrill of doing a DIY project that will save you money & give your wardrobe a POP of color, than this post is for you!  I happen to be totally in love with the chain link trim made by Simplicity.  In fact, I’ve already made a woven chain bracelet with this chain before.  It’s the perfect chain trim to DIY all the fashionable bracelets that are out right now.   You can make one bracelet for around $5!  Which is a huge savings in comparison to what the stores are charging for the thick chunky bracelets.

The Chain Trim comes in gold, silver & black.   For the bracelets, I used the silver chain to spray paint & the gold chain to link in for fun.  I simply unlinked the chain & spray painted with color.  Allow time to dry before flipping over to paint on the other side.

When I originally thought about this project, I wondered if the spray paint would adhere to the Chain Trim, but it did!  And it gave such a smooth finish when dried.  I used larger hook closures that I found at a craft store to attach to the chain to make the bracelet complete.

You can wear your Chunky Chain Bracelet all in one color…..

Or mix & match it with the thick gold chain links.  I love it both ways!  And I love wearing a combo of both styles!


Special thanks to Simplicity for supplying the chain trim for this post & for helping me look very fashionable on a dime!

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