How to make a coffee or tea cozy {with a sock!}

Make a coffee {SOCK} cozy for your Valentine via Nest of Posies


How do you like your coffee???

Cream & sugar, with a little chevron on the side?

Or perhaps you like black all the way with a touch of argyle?

Me personally, I take my coffee with room for cream & sugar with a dose of bright chevron on the side.

I can always count on caffeine & color to wake me up in the mornings.


Use socks for the dollar bins & make easy coffee cozies!  via Nest of Posies


I also like to go shopping while I drink my coffee.  It was while I was shopping at that magical place called Target, that I spied these Chevron Socks. May I stop right here & profess my love for socks?  They are up there with chocolate, in my opinion.  The word divine comes to mind when I think of socks.

Anyways…grab your scissors & a pair or two of socks + some fun accessories.


Make a coffee cozy out of a sock from the dollar bins via Nest of Posies


Cut the sock allowing room for a stitched hem.  Then stitched around the bottom of the sock with a sewing machine.  Yep, I swear it’s *that* easy & presto ~ you.are.finished!

*If you do not have a sewing machine, you can always use bonding tape.*


Make a SOCK cozy for your #Valentine via Nest of Posies


Accessorize with some fun felt stickers or nothing at all.  Either way you & your Valentine(s) will love the added pop of color & warmth to cure the Winter Blues!

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