Nutella Brownies ~ just 4 ingredients!

Nutella Brownies just 4 ingredients via Nest of Posies #recipe #valentines

You know Pinterest is a fabulous thing.

It’s good for so many things when you’re a blogger.  It boosts traffic, it helps you plan outfits, dream of how your house can look, give you inspiration for DIYs, but most importantly it gives you insanely delicious recipes!  So when I stumbled upon this post the other day, I thought why not add a little twist to it & add some Valentine flair to these amazing looking brownies???

Valentine Nutella Brownies with only 4 ingredients!

What are the 4 ingredients you ask???

10 tablespoons of all purpose flour

2 eggs

1 cup of Nutella

a handful of Valentine M&Ms

combine your ingredients & top with M&Ms

bake @ 350* for about 25-30 minutes

~makes about 10 brownies~

Valentine Nutella brownies with just 4 ingredients via Nest of Posies


I highly recommend one, right from the oven with a tall glass of cold milk.

For the love of all things holy & nutella ~ these are amazing & so very easy.

Be warned.


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