Home projects, old closets & embarrassing photos

Cutting molding & bead board from the Home Depot

Hello Hello!

I’ve been slightly M.I.A. on the blog lately.

I guess that’s what happens when you take on more than you & your husband can possibly do…

There’s always drama when you try to remodel an older house.  Our house is almost 100 years old, I wrote about our home & neighborhood in this post a few years back.  It has amazing bones, but some places are in GREAT need of a MAJOR facelift & than some!  The boys’ room  is my current project.  It used to be an apple green & yellow room with the funnest ric rac & ribbon trim for the nursery.  Well…it’s been way overdue for a major overhaul.

I couldn’t take it any longer.  My mom & I had modge podge that ribbon trim on the walls 7 years ago.  The only solution other than tearing up the wall while removing the ribbon was to cover it up.


We got some delicious thick molding & bead board from the Home Depot & went to work, painting & framing out the boys’ room.  I made an easy decision with the paint color.  Because I love the color of our Breakfast Room, I decided to use the exact same color.  Extra bonus, I had almost a gallon of that paint sitting in the basement.

Making Progress - Boys' room redo

Of course, my husband & I can’t just work on one room at a time.

We have to tear up the entire house & have a project going on in every room.

The photo below is Madi’s closet in her room.

Old cedar closet revamp

For the record, older homes make you say a lot of bad words once in a while.  You see, since our house is almost 100 years old, the previous owners had to install the A/C.  And the only way to make an air vent go to the upstairs was through this closet.

Oh the joys.

Yes, that is a cedar lined closet, but remember this closet will be for a girl.

A girl who at the age of 4 already LOVES her clothes.

I swear I have a Carrie Bradshaw on my hands, already!

It truly would be a jewel if it didn’t have that eye sore of an air vent in there + a huge hole in the wall from a recent plumbing job we had done on the other side of that wall.  Oy.  So as of right now, a frame is being built around the air vent & we hope to line her closet with the white bead board.

Can we talk about the lack of closet space in a 100-year-old house???

Well…I am sweating to show you this photo below – but it is what it is…

this is the boys’ closet.

2012 dec 1139

Isn’t this an awful picture?  I’m posting this to make you all feel really good about your messy house, because I have you beat!  I took this while I was painting.  But look inside that closet…it’s not even deep enough to hang an adult size hanger!!!!  AND 2 boys will be in this room!

We have hooks everywhere in this room, but I’m so tired of all the excess & clutter that brings to the room.

So this closet is also on our list of things to revamp, if possible.  I do believe this closet will be the ultimate challenge.  We cannot make it bigger.  There’s a bathroom on the other side of that wall.  So this is it.

Oh the joys of a 100-year-old small house.

To be continued…

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