Make your own Nesting Bowls! The best .69 cents I’ve ever spent at Goodwill & a ode to Duck Dynasty

Make your own Nesting Bowls!  The best .69 cents I've ever spent at Goodwill and a ode to Duck Dynasty @NestofPosies #thrifting #DIY

I need to sign a contract to myself to promise to shop at thrift stores more often.

I really don’t know why I don’t visit them regularly.

It’s rather dumb of me, to be honest.

Look for shallow bowls in thrift stores to convert into #DIY nesting bowls via @NestofPosies

About a month or so ago, I sent out this picture on Instagram.  (That’s where I hang out more often than anyplace.)


I heard the #DIY angels singing the Hallelujah chorus when I spotted these shallow bowls at our local Goodwill store.  You know that section of mismatched plates, bowls, glasses & the such.  Well, these beauties happened to be white, shallow & perfect for a upcycle to become nesting bowls.  And most importantly they were .69 cents with a 50% off sale going on!  “Hallelujah – Hallelujah,” sang the chorus.

Painting the nesting bowls via @NestofPosies

Then the next weekend on Instagram (see, I told you I’m on Instagram a lot) I had the idea to paint inside the bowls.  I had seen Holly from Decor8 paint her bowls last year, so I thought I would give it a try.

Turn shallow bowls from thrift stores into nesting bowls for your decor via @NestofPosies

I wanted to go bold & bright for Spring, and do something I’ve never tried before.  So I just picked a neon pink & a bright turquoise blue.  I gave the bowls 2 coats, allowing a day of drying time in between the coats.  I loved how they turned out!  The colors gave me instant bright sunshine.  But I soon realized I had a challenge in trying to incorporate the bowls into my home decor.  Because our home decor colors are boring brown, gold & taupe (hoping one day down the road to change our color theme.)  But with some careful thought, I think I was able to incorporate them into our home’s decor!

Shallow thrift store bowls turned into Nesting Bowls for home decor #via @NestofPosies #DIY

It really is amazing what you can do when you shop around your house for a new decorating vignette.   Like the bottom two books, are covered in scrap paper to blend in with the bowls & the painting.  That painted owl, is a eBay score from last year & the brass duck heads…they’re a design risk all they’re own, being that they’re from the 80’s.  LOL ~ but I think the ducks work with the Watercolor Easter Eggs Graham painted.  Or at least I’d like to think they have a Spring theme to them.

Painted Nesting Bowls from the Goodwill store & a ode to Duck Dynasty via @NestofPosies

I might be stretching it a bit with the ducks tho.  But hello, Duck Dynasty – so I definitely think I’m trendy in my interior design.  😉

So what’s your best score at a thrift store?

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