Make your own Nesting Bowls! The best .69 cents I’ve ever spent at Goodwill & a ode to Duck Dynasty

Make your own Nesting Bowls!  The best .69 cents I've ever spent at Goodwill and a ode to Duck Dynasty @NestofPosies #thrifting #DIY

I need to sign a contract to myself to promise to shop at thrift stores more often.

I really don’t know why I don’t visit them regularly.

It’s rather dumb of me, to be honest.

Look for shallow bowls in thrift stores to convert into #DIY nesting bowls via @NestofPosies

About a month or so ago, I sent out this picture on Instagram.  (That’s where I hang out more often than anyplace.)


I heard the #DIY angels singing the Hallelujah chorus when I spotted these shallow bowls at our local Goodwill store.  You know that section of mismatched plates, bowls, glasses & the such.  Well, these beauties happened to be white, shallow & perfect for a upcycle to become nesting bowls.  And most importantly they were .69 cents with a 50% off sale going on!  “Hallelujah – Hallelujah,” sang the chorus.

Painting the nesting bowls via @NestofPosies

Then the next weekend on Instagram (see, I told you I’m on Instagram a lot) I had the idea to paint inside the bowls.  I had seen Holly from Decor8 paint her bowls last year, so I thought I would give it a try.

Turn shallow bowls from thrift stores into nesting bowls for your decor via @NestofPosies

I wanted to go bold & bright for Spring, and do something I’ve never tried before.  So I just picked a neon pink & a bright turquoise blue.  I gave the bowls 2 coats, allowing a day of drying time in between the coats.  I loved how they turned out!  The colors gave me instant bright sunshine.  But I soon realized I had a challenge in trying to incorporate the bowls into my home decor.  Because our home decor colors are boring brown, gold & taupe (hoping one day down the road to change our color theme.)  But with some careful thought, I think I was able to incorporate them into our home’s decor!

Shallow thrift store bowls turned into Nesting Bowls for home decor #via @NestofPosies #DIY

It really is amazing what you can do when you shop around your house for a new decorating vignette.   Like the bottom two books, are covered in scrap paper to blend in with the bowls & the painting.  That painted owl, is a eBay score from last year & the brass duck heads…they’re a design risk all they’re own, being that they’re from the 80’s.  LOL ~ but I think the ducks work with the Watercolor Easter Eggs Graham painted.  Or at least I’d like to think they have a Spring theme to them.

Painted Nesting Bowls from the Goodwill store & a ode to Duck Dynasty via @NestofPosies

I might be stretching it a bit with the ducks tho.  But hello, Duck Dynasty – so I definitely think I’m trendy in my interior design.  ;)

So what’s your best score at a thrift store?

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  1. says

    No way, the duck goes well with the brass studs! I love this–very unique and cute! I need to steal that painting the inside of cheap bowls idea. Hmm… ^_^

  2. says

    I LOVE this and am so doing it!! I would love to put some in several places in my home…maybe even make a soap dish for the girls bathroom! Yours turned out amazing and I love the pop of color!

    • says

      ooooh! yes, a soap dish would be fun, Amy. i’m planning on incorporating more in our home as well! they’re so fun with the color added.

  3. says

    So simple and yet without the vision (that you had) a white thrift store is just that.. a white thrift store bowl! Love this! Just found your blog today and I plan on spending some time checking out your old posts!


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