Watercolor Easter Eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggs via Nest of Posies

We had a duck lay some gorgeous eggs over the weekend.

I guess she got her feathers ruffled while she was here.  Because her feathers were everywhere.

Madison said,  “She flew into a rainbow before she came to our house.”

I think she’s right.

Watercolor Easter Eggs via @NestofPosies

If I were being completely honest with you all, our house is 99.9% of the time one.huge.mess. on the weekends.

My husband is rarely home on the weekends.  I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want my kids to remember Mom working & fussing like crazy to keep the house clean & keep up with the laundry.   I want them to remember it as a time we played, made crafts, read books, built a block tower & watched it come down, made up our own stories, had picnics on the floor, and painted.

Because I would rather them remember growing up in a creative home, than a neat home.

Making Watercolor Easter Eggs via Nest of Posies

To me, these eggs are golden.

Yep, he’s all boy.  Loves playing Skylanders & Star Wars Angry Bird, but thankfully he has a creative side that I LOVE to watch in action.  He’s my little Picasa & can get quiet as a mouse when he paints.

And let me tell you…for a 7 year old, those quiet times are rare & far in between, if ya know what I mean???

Watercolor Easter Eggs via @NestofPosies

I’m always in awe of what he comes up with, like his Watercolor Valentines.  Let’s just say, in my humble Mama’s opinion they were gorgeous!

Watercolor Easter Eggs via @NestofPosies

He worried that I wouldn’t like them.  If he only knew how much I loved them.

Holding on tightly in one hand & painted by his left hand, 3 golden eggs indeed.

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    • says

      he does use the paint in a “light” manner & adds water to his brush several times. to be honest, i left the room after i took the pictures, because i needed to do other things! hope you are able to work it out!

  1. Julie says

    I had two little boys who spent a lot of time in the woods and creek behind our house. DIRTY! Now they’re adults and
    I have never regretted our “crafting” done with their finds. Today one crafts with his own 4 kids and the other uses his
    creativity in his profession. Ahhhh….good times!


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