Get Clean Kit GIVEAWAY from Shaklee!

a Shaklee Get Clean Giveaway from Nest of Posies

 Have y’all started your Spring Cleaning yet?

Nope?  Me, either!  I need to step to it, because my kids are out of school in about 25 days!!!

But the good news is ~ I have partnered up with Shaklee for this sponsored post to offer as a giveaway one amazing GET CLEAN KIT from Shaklee!  The kit is absolutely amazing & has everything you need to start deep or light (let’s me honest ;)) cleaning!  Have you heard of Shaklee?  I just heard about them through various blogs along the way, but had never tried their products until recently!

Here’s a brief statement from their website:   When you pick Shaklee, you will know three things to be true. It is always safe. It always works. And it is always green.

How to clean Stainless Steel Appliances via Nest of Posies

 Let’s just say, I was completely impressed with how well it cleans my stainless steel!  And it’s all by using the same cleaner as I do my kitchen counter tops!  I love that!

The measurements & portions are already printed on this spray cleaning bottle that will be part of the cleaning kit that you receive, so it makes everything so convenient & user friendly!

You can read more about Shaklee & their amazing cost effective & earth friendly products by visiting their website.  But the basic thing you need to know, is that you mix their product with water & in a matter of seconds you’ll have a full size product, that cost you pennies!!!  Ever wonder where your money is going???  Well, check this graph out below!

Amazing cost comparison using Shaklee products vs. store bought

 info graph from Shaklee

Shaklee Starter Kit Giveaway!  via Nest of Posies


So who’s ready to get some cleaning done before the kids are out of school???  I’m raising my hand high!

To enter the giveaway, just enter using the rafflecopter box below!

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This is a sponsored post ~ all opinions are my own along with photos that are not otherwised noted from Shaklee.


  1. says

    While I want to make my own laundry detergent, who am I kidding, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to that … I’m most interested in the Fresh Laundry HE Compatible to try. And truly, interested in everything!! Go Green!

  2. says

    I began spring cleaning today. I took a break after cleaning the refrigerator out (wow) and saw this. I would love to try that all-purpose cleaner for my kitchen, especially if it cleans stainless steel like that! Thanks for the chance.

  3. heather f says

    i need help with my stainless steel appliances. I would also like to try the grout cleaner
    thanks for the fun giveaway. with 2 toddlers in the house, there is always something to clean!

  4. Debi Foreman says

    The H2 looks wonderful, however, I’d love to try all these products. I’ve been very sick for a while now. We’ve cleaned up our diet, taking supplements & using essential oils and am now looking into clearing out the toxic products in my home to see if that will help. It’s quite overwhelming & expensive to try products just to find out they don’t work. Not to mention the research involved when your brain is foggy. Good luck everyone!

  5. Debi Foreman says

    While the H2 looks wonderful, I’m truly interested in trying everything! I’ve been sick for a while, have cleaned up my diet, added supplements and essential oils and am now trying to eliminated the toxic products in my home. I’ve spend lots of money trying different products just to find out that they don’t work well. I’d love a chance to try these! Good luck everyone!

  6. Nancy D says

    Wouldn’t mind trying some of that heavy duty paste. I’ve got some tough spots that could use a good grease cutter. If it calls for less elbow grease I’m all for it!

  7. Robin W. says

    I believe I would really enjoy the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes. Tossing the grime after I have cleaned it off – very appealing to me!!

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