Stay Together through Skype

Do you Skype?  I recently started using Skype & I must say, I love it!  It’s instantaneous, fun & an amazing way to communicate with just one or with a group of people.  It so simple & easy, and the cost is really low!    It’s a service you can download for free on your computer or a mobile app.  For many of my personal friends, it’s the way they stay connected with their military spouse that’s serving overseas or happens to be away from home.  You hear the phrase “Skype Date” and you know, that those dear military families will be able to connect with a loved one that’s far away just by going to the internet & clicking on the software or by using their mobile app to place a call.

When I was asked to write this sponsored post for Skype & what it can do, there’s was no hesitation!  I have literally LOL (laughed out loud) – snorted, cried, felt comforted & loved and learned so much all in the unique way it can connect people from across the miles, states – or even the world!

Use skype to connect to the ones you love

There’s something truly beautiful when you can connect with the ones you love who are far away & better yet watch & see with your own eyes how they are, or how they’ve grown or changed.

For me personally, I’m on it almost on a daily business.  I use it to stay connected with my blog friends, family or even when I need help on something I’m working on.  It’s a great network to have for business or for staying connected to friends & family.  To learn more about Skype & what it can do for keeping you up to date on friends or family or even your business, click here.
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