A Black wall and creating chaos

Creating Chaos & painting a wall Black via Nest of Posies

I thought it would be fun to show you the mess I’ve made & to let you know that my house is rarely picture perfect.  In fact it never is.  It’s been a long time since I created some major chaos in our house.  A mess, yes – always.   But actually painting something to make it a new color, no.  For the record, my husband grew up in a house that rarely changed.  They had the same beige with plaid sofa, beige drapes, beige carpet & beige wall coloring in that house for I don’t know how long.  So when I say my husband is not very good with change, I really mean it.

To those of you who will say, my husband would “kill me” if I were to do this or change things up dramatically.  Trust me when I say, I am in that club as well.  In fact, I’m still waiting for that day that I might be killed.  😉  My husband hates change!  But you know what???  I decided to do it anyway!  It’s just paint.  It’s just a mess that can be cleaned up.  Maybe not in a few days, but it will.

I already knew I wanted to switch things up kinda dramatically in our home.  I’ve been dreaming about a black wall.
Thinking of how I would decorate it.
Then I started pinning some things I liked, to get a better visual idea.
How I would make it work “for us” – be different with our own style, but still be dramatic.
I knew I wanted a black wall with all sorts of eclectic frames, paintings, images & collectibles.
These rooms below speak to me.  They have there very own personality & are allowed to shine in their own way.  I so want that for our home.

The problem was/is…I had soft golden yellow walls everywhere & I was/am soooooo tired of them!  I want clean & crisp with a touch of dramatic.

Think this:
White walls.  With one dramatic black wall.  Pops of color & natural elements

I LOVE everything about this picture.  White walls with one black wall.  Pops of color & natural elements all in the mixture.  There’s lots of texture in this room as well.  LOVE IT!

So I started a chain reaction:

fireplace wall before

*note the random glue stick on the floor.  this is so my house*

So I decided I would try to do one wall at a time.  Trim it out, paint it & decorate it.  I have about 20 walls of this golden yellow still to go.  I am not a fast painter.  I have a back of an 80 year old person who has been pregnant 10 times (not that I’ve been pregnant 10 times, but my back sure does feel like it.)   So there is no rushing when it comes to do physical work for me.  I have to take my time.

The thing I know in this almost 100 year old Sears catalog home, that we live in, is that I want an eclectic mix with a Southern twist.  I want old, new, modern, vintage, color & neutrals.  Basically I want it all!  HA!

Eclectic mix gallery wall.  Old and new

via HGTV

Large gallery wall - all various size frames

The Everygirl

dark gallery wall

Focal Point Styling

Black wall with photos

(cannot find the source of this photo, if you know let me know)

Dark walls with eclectic art from Life in Grace

Edie’s Sultry Master Bedroom

Kate Spade

via Kate Spade found here

Kate Spade

via Kate Spade found here

I started a Pinterest Board “So my walls could talk” so I could gather all sorts of inspiration:

So My Walls Can Talk Pinterest Board via Nest of Posies

And finally…since the kids are back in school, I have attended 32 meetings to help them get started, Labor Day has pasted, I can now focus on getting these two rooms above done.  As for accessories, I am trying my best to thrift, garage sale, barter or make my own.  So they will all come slowly but surely!

I guess you could say, I’m joining the “Dark Side” – maybe.  maybe not.  Because every other wall will be white.  All I know is that I am so glad I finally got off my rear & actually started what I’ve been visioning in my head, forever!

Here’s hoping I can get at least one wall done – in a week or so!

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