Fall Bucket List

20 Fall Bucket List Ideas

Our Fall Break begins next week for a few days.  Is it okay if I scream out loud, ” F R E E D O M ? ”
Just so you know, this Mom really & truly loves a routine.  Trust me, I’ve said that many a times when I’ve reached my breaking point at the end of Summer.  But there’s something about a break from the routine, and even better a break during Fall that gets me so excited.

And let’s be honest, a break from the alarm clock!!!!

I’ve been pinning ideas or gorgeous pictures along the way & thought I would go ahead and post our personal family FALL bucket list.  This isn’t really the stereotype “round up” posts that you see all over pinterest.  It’s just a collection of  things I’ve gathered that I thought we would enjoy making, doing or eating while on Fall break.  My husband will be off for a few days, and we plan to be outside, soaking up our gorgeous weather as much as we can during this time of year.  So here’s some of the things I hope we get to do while on Fall break:

Kids Leaf craft idea make a Leaf Possum

 Make a Leaf Possum

Decorate Your Door for Halloween

Decorate our front door for Halloween

Glitter Monster Slime

Glitter Monster Slime

Kids Craft Idea Make a Owl Leaf

Owl Leaf Art

Leaf Animals cutest kids craft idea

Leaf Animals

Chocolate and Granola Apple Wedges

Chocolate and Granola Apple Wedges


Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Make Pine cone Turkeys

Make Pine Cone Turkeys


Make Apple Pumpkin Butter

Nature Crown for Autumn

Make a Nature Crown

Cereal Box Haunted House

Make a Cereal Box Haunted House

Leaf Art for Kids

Leaf Art for Kids


Savory Pumpkin Dip


Inside Out Mini Pumpkin Pies

Play in the leaves

Play in the leaves

Bob for Apples

Bob for Apples

15 Pumpkin Carving Templates

Carve a Pumpkin or two

Monster Eye Cookies

Make Monster Eye Cookies

Fun Halloween Tunes

Listen to some fun Halloween Tunes

Breathe in Fall

Most importantly soak in every ounce of Fall

I would also add to this list, but I couldn’t find a good pic, of driving around in the cool mornings, with the windows slightly down, drinking a strong cup of coffee & listening to music.  It’s almost a spiritual experience for me, y’all.  I love doing that!

Here’s to being able to do each one of these & more!!!!

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