Christmas Chalkboard Printables

You know when you’re a font junkie like me, it’s hard to resist making new styles of Christmas Printables.  Last year, I made my first version of  Christmas Chalkboard Printables and you all seemed to like them.  But I’ve acquired more fonts, like I have shoes (and pounds) and so of course, I couldn’t resist making a second version.

Surely you can understand, right? 

Christmas Chalkboard Printables

I used new phrases of course, new songs that will get stuck in your head until you absolutely have to start singing while you’re looking through them.  I know, your welcome.  I also added some other fun graphic designs that I got from here.   I also seem to be on a scrolly trend lately, which I am personally loving right now.  The chalkboard trend is definitely something I love.  There’s endless possibilities!  You can see how I use my chalkboard graphics to make a large poster size for less than $5 dollars!  I use the poster size graphics & place it above my mantel for various seasons.  You can see my Fall mantel from this year, and here’s the one I made for Christmas last year just to give you some ideas.   I know I’ll probably be doing the same this year as well.  I love how they look & it’s so easy to do!  Check your Goodwill or your thrift stores for frames!  You can always spray paint them, that’s what I did!

So here they are individually.  You can download and/or print them out using the box widgets at the end of this post, so just scroll down.  If you’re reading this from a reader or a feed like blog lovin’ you may have to click over to this post to print these out.

Merry Christmas Deer with Antler Chalkboard Printable

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas Chalkboard Printable

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright Chalkboard Printable

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Chalkboard Printable

These printables are for personal use only.  Please, feel free to share – which I hope you do!  All I ask is that you link back to this actual post & not the download itself.  Thank you.  I recommend using white cardstock when printing these out.  And of course, head to Staples if you plan on using the blueprint form I mentioned above for a poster size.

2013 Christmas Chalkboard Printables



Let’s pin together!  Do you like to pin crafty things, pretty home decor, recipes, kids stuff and all the in betweens?  Me too!

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Follow Nest of Posies on Pinterest

Here’s the first version of Christmas Printables I made last year.

Christmas Chalkboard Printables

Here’s my Christmas Mantel from last year.

Make a Chalkboard Graphic for less than 5 dollars to use for your home decor

But if you really want to know what was the best thing I created last year for Christmas, it was this…

Best thing I did last Christmas! Add twinkle lights to your hallway

Add twinkle lights to your hallway & I promise you’ll thank me.  This was the best!


  1. Kayla says

    These are too cute! I would love it if you would make one that says Baby it’s cold outside. I have seen one on Pinterest, but can’t find it to print it. I love your deer one though! I am gonna print it and frame it tomorrow!

    • says

      the one for my mantel was printed at staples. i used the middle size of the blue print that’s offered (forgot the exact measurements) there’s only 3 sizes. or you can print them out at home on your printer.

  2. Lori says

    I love these so much! I want to print one of them as a 24×36 poster and frame it. When I try to do this online it tells me that the resolution is low and that I can’t print bigger than a 5×7. Can I print this big? What am I doing wrong?

  3. Donna Bowen says

    i am new to all this! i cant find where or how to download these! also i want the 8×10 but id love the mini sizes 2 like maybe 3×5? idk how 2 do that! can u help me? i love all ur chalkboard things and would love 2 hav them! i wil b anxiously looking 4 ur reply so i can start! i saw some ornaments on pinterest my daughter mite like 2 make 4 her ss class! idk where the frames came from either!

    • says

      hey there! if you go to the widget boxes at the bottom of the post, and hover your mouse over the bottom right hand corner of each box you’ll see the little boxes to either download or print. if you want to make them smaller you’ll have to download them & save them to a file. then upload that file in a photo editing site to downsize. if you just want to print them out – they should automatically print out as an 8×10. hope that helps! 😉

  4. joanna says

    Hi there, I love the printables. I just printed the deer one onto card stock paper, but the image is somewhat pixelated. I printed it using the widgets. When I download the file and look at the resolution, it says that it’s only 72dpi. Am I doing something wrong here?

    • says

      hello. i made that particular printable using the deer as a download from another site. so i’m not sure how she made the deer. i may try to print it out myself & see what happens. sorry you’re having trouble.


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