Addressing Christmas Envelopes

I bet we all can agree that we love to receive Christmas cards in the mail!  Here are some fun ideas to address your envelopes using Washi Tape, vintage stamps & stickers!  While using your REAL handwriting.

Christmas Envelopes using Washi Tape

Back when I was 16 & didn’t have a care in the world other than what I was going to wear & if my hair looked good, I worked for a small secretarial service.  It really was a one woman show.  That one woman (my boss) was a power house.  She could do it ALL & then some.  She taught me so many many things.  But I always think of her when I address my envelopes.  She always told me to spell out the entire words when addressing envelopes.  The full street name & the full state name, basically no abbreviations.  Lets just say ~ it has stuck with me almost 30 years later!

I have always loved that look.  It looks a little more formal, but it also looks all symmetrical when you look at the entire envelope.  The other thing I personally LOVE to do is to mix & match my cursive handwriting with printing.

Addressing Christmas Envelopes

Just don’t tell my old boss that I abbreviated Mountain.  shhhh!

You can find Washi Tape at any craft store nowadays.  My 2 rolls are from Target.  They’re a little thinner than the normal size, which makes it perfect if your Christmas card envelopes are a little smaller.  I also have a “thing” for vintage Christmas stamps.  I found mine on eBay for hardly anything.  Of course, I add the current stamp to my envelopes, but I love to add a few vintage stamps as well, just to give it a fun twist.  What’s crazy is I am pretty sure I can remember a few of these stamps for long ago.  Geez, I’m getting old!

Washi Tape Christmas Envelopes

Now obviously these are not the calligraphy wedding invitations you see floating around on pinterest, but when you mix & match your hand written font, add some color with Washi Tape, and of course stickers or stamps you can make your Christmas card envelopes POP no matter how neat or messy your handwriting is!  Not to mention the mail man will love you for having some exciting cards to deliver.  😉


  1. Lura Harding says

    Awesome and cute idea! I’d definitely like to try this out. When it comes to looking on Ebay for your stamps, are there any tips to look for, for us? I don’t want to purchase anything that somebody has put time and effort into maintaining. (then again, of course they’ll probably charge more, hint hint :-) ) anyways– thanks!!

    • says

      i don’t really have any tips, sorry. i bought the stamps in this post for $2.00. i think there was 25 of them. i do typically look for ebay auctions that end of the weekday & not the weekend! the weekend seems to be when things go for a higher price. (more people are online then, i guess)

  2. Nicole says

    These are so amazing! I’d love to get a Christmas card like this in the mail. I know this is a random question, but what kind of pen did you use? I’m having a hard time finding one I really like. Thanks!

    • says

      Oooh sweetie this is asblluteoy gorgeous I really hope they are not all as gorgeous as this cus I’ve made a promise to myself I wouldnt buy anymore stamps…..well it is only to myself isnt it…… this whole card right up my street with all of the embellies, its lush.Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx


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