Mistletoe Love Note

I have always loved the entire concept of Mistletoe.  It’s rather romantic and fun all at the same time.   But if you’re anything like us…us being in our forties & being tired all the time, having young kids at an older age, we are VERY FAR from being romantic & fun.

I mean, it takes the planets to align & about 3 cups of coffee for us to be able to get jiggy with it, if you know what I mean.

My husband travels for a living.  He is dead dog tired when he comes home.  Don’t get me wrong he is like every other man out there, and loves to get busy 😉 but sleep is a priority as well.  So just for the “heck” of it – I decided I would make him this Mistletoe Love Note & put it in his suitcase.

So he would know I was ready & waiting on him to return home…

Free Printable Mistletoe Love Note

Sometimes, we have to be strategic about ahem…getting busy.  If you’re lucky & you have your husband at home with you every night, than you may not have to be too strategic, but for us & our schedule – we do!!!

But let me offer a tip for you, just in case you’re going to put a plan like this in action.  Make sure you don’t have flannel sheets on your bed!  Have you ever tried to get jiggy with it while you have flannel sheets on your bed?
For the record, you will burn up!
Ask me how I know.  Ha!

But correct me if I’m wrong,  I truly think most men would love receiving a note like this…especially for the underlying message.  Underlying as in, under the covers, just not flannel covers.  😉

Now, committing to this note, I knew I should probably shave my legs.  Since it’s Winter now – I slack in that department.  Heck, I’m lucky enough to wash my hair every other day, let alone shave my legs.  But I did, just for him.

It’s a rat race out there, to get everything done.  Decorate, visit, gifts, parties, cards, Christmas programs & your husbands are left thinking “What about me.”  Well, I guess they always think that way no matter what time of year it is.  😉  But this…my dear friends ~ will put a twinkle back in his eye, and he will declare that Christmas is the best time of the year after it’s all said & done.  He’ll be like the Grinch was at the end of the movie, his heart will grow 3 sizes & he’ll be ready to face everyone with great Christmas cheer!

All you have to do is print out the note in the widget box below.  You’ll need to trim the edges off with a paper cutter or scissors.

Free printable card.  Mistletoe Love Note

And write a secret love note.  I recommend using white paperstock when printing & I highly recommend some mistletoe.

Talk about “Sparking your Holidays!!!”
I guarantee he’ll think it’s the best idea you’ve come up with.

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