DIY Packaging Ideas for your Valentine Treats

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You know that Bible verse, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  Well, I like to take that and apply it with almost everything I give or make.

Because trust me, I would like nothing more than to receive something wrapped in




and glitter.

Oh, let’s not forget about what’s inside, a fresh baked Chocolate Croissant.  Oh my.  I truly love to give gifts.  I love to give semi homemade gifts or baked goods as gifts.  They’re easy, affordable and I can always rely on my local grocery store to have something that’s perfect to give.

As we all know, life gets busy!  When it does, I know I can always pick up something in the bakery from my favorite grocery store and give a  semi-homemade gift and put my focus on quick, easy, beautifully wrapped packages to give to my friends.

I love having my focus on pink…gold…sequins…glitter…and chocolate!

Wish I could do that everyday!  😉

DIY Packaging for your Valentine Treats

There’s also the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive” ~ I truly believe that.  I love giving, and I truly love putting effort into making something that is truly unique for the receiver of the gift.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money for that matter, I can always rely on my scraps that I have around the house.  There’s 3 new moms in our neighborhood and if you’ve been a follower for a while, than you know I love to give gifts to new Moms.  They are so deserving of something extra special.  Don’t you think???

So I went to my favorite grocery store & purchased some sweet treats, picked up a few pastry boxes, and then started decorating the boxes with a simple Valentine’s theme.


One of my favorite things, especially this time of year is to use gold dipped feathers to accessorize a treat box.  Just add some gold paint & sprinkle gold glitter while wet & allow to dry.

Fun packaging ideas with everyday baked goods

Then I used scraps of ribbon & sequins trim, pink paper cut in circles, gold numbers & letters, along with clear plastic bags to make the packaging creative & festive for Valentine’s!

Gold and Pink Packaging Ideas for your Valentine Treats

We happen to have a party store about a mile from our house.  They’re a perfect place to find various size boxes, paper doilies and anything else you need to wrap a fun package.  Adding some store bought supplies to what I had on hand with my scraps I was able to make a festive Valentine’s treat box for our neighbors!

Packaging Food gift wrap ideas

As for the Chocolate Croissant???  Well, you know I had to buy one for myself!  The amazing flakes from layers of pastry & butter woven in the dough with delicious dark chocolate nestled in the middle, I couldn’t resist!  I have zero will power!  But the taste…was incredible and they truly were magnifique!

The people from Rich’s (who supplies most grocery store’s Bakery goods) wants to know,

Who in your life makes the everyday better for you?

who in your life

Leave a comment below, telling us who makes the everyday better for you!  Rich’s is giving away 3 – $25 gift cards to 3 lucky winners who leave a comment on this post.    Giveaway ends on Valentine’s Day 2/14 and the 3 winners will be randomly selected.

RIch's.  Give the gift of deliciousness. This post is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rich’s for their Spread the Love Campaign.   All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Amy Cooley says

    I follow in the same vein of thinking that you do. I love to craft and bake and I combine the two to bless others. I think it makes me more happy and fulfilled than the person receiving the gift. Thanks for sharing your cute ideas! I love your packaging ideas.

  2. Cindy Alley says

    I work in the geriatric field(the elderly) traveling from house to house visiting, helping, transporting, these sweet folks. I have to say these little folks are the light of my life. It is nothing to hear a frail little lady thank you for such a small deed-such as pushing her trash can to the curb side, taking her to the grocery for a gallon of milk or just showing up for work and sitting in a chair chit chatting about anything and everything, especially when she is reminiscing about her childhood and tells the same story over and over:) Just the small little things these special people have to offer is a blessing. This is a golden opportunity and I wish everyone had a chance to see the wonderful things I do on a daily basis.

  3. says

    my husband – that man is seriously amazing!!! Every day picking up my slack, not complaining when he comes home to a frazzled wife (we have 3 kids 4 and under) and no dinner – and always encouraging me to be the best “me” I can be

  4. says

    I suffer from debilitating daily chronic migraines. They have affected my life to the point I am either in bed due to pain and the side effects or having to be taken into the city for shots at the Dr.
    My husband has learned to give me shots at home for the pain…when we can’t go to Dr. He has been handling all the things around the house….meals, etc.
    He evens takes off work when I need to be driven to Dr
    He never complains but I know he’s frustrated as I am with me being incapacitated. So he’s my rock!

  5. Susan Lawrence says

    My family makes my everyday SO much better! My daughters are grown with their own families now, but whenever I get to talk to them and hear how my grandkids are it just brightens my day! I love when they call to get an old family recipe, or just to talk about how their day at work went. My Hubby also makes everyday life better… he’s a very kind and loving man and supports me in everything I do, including my photography passion!

  6. C.B. McDuff says

    Thanks so much for your great ideas & website!
    My day would not be complete without the love of my Hubby of 21 years and my dorky little Sheltie dog: Dexter! These guys ARE my life, and make me a better ME, for sure!

  7. Mary Smith says

    My two daughters make my life better! Also, my pastor/aunt. She is always there for me and gives me solid advice, grounded in the word of God! She is awesome!

  8. Marilou Purpura says

    My husband, although we have been married 32 years, he still makes me laugh, makes me excited to walk in the door, and is the person I most rely on. Although we are not of one mind on a lot of things, he can make me madder than anyone else alive, he truly is my best friend. I am Italian my emotions can go from 0-100 in a matter of minutes. He is a mixture (mutt) people pleaser and that drives me insane. Pick a side I yell at him, why are you so emotional he whispers to me? You get the idea. I had two knee replacements in Oct. 2012, and January 2013. He helped me in more ways than I can say. Love is not flowers, candy etc, those are easy to ‘purchase’. Love is holding your hair back as your throwing up, or bringing you soup when your sick from meds. Love is taking your clothes from the nursing home, and washing them bringing them back to finding a love note inside the bag of your clean clothes. When I had my 7-8 th knee surgery he was right there cheering me on, when I learned to walk again, he was crying, just as hard as I was, (although I was crying because it hurt like heck,) he was crying because he was happy for me. Your one step closer to home honey….although it was a rough three year rode, He was unemployed, taking care of MY DAD who lives with us and two teens 11+ 13 at the time. He rarely complains. I am mad at the world and he is like thanks be to God, for all he has given us. He truly is my best friend. As I am typing this, He is fixing my printer, he is always tinkering ….

  9. Beth Kitchen says

    My children make every day worth living. I have MS and there are days I don’t feel like moving, but my children are my motivation to keep going. I love them with all my heart!!!

  10. Amanda says

    When life gets chaotic and the house is a mess and the kids are crazy, I can always turn to my Husband to put everything in perspective. He is such a great man I couldn’t do everything I do without him. Now when he is in a mood I always have my friends to help me get through the day!

  11. Colleen Davis says

    I love my children with everything I have, but for me it has to be my husband. See, I work nights and without him it just wouldn’t be possible for me to do something I love without his support. He is the one who gets our youngest daughter up and ready for school, drops her off, picks her up and cooks dinner so that I can work and still sleep for 8 hours most days.

  12. Sharon White says

    The dog-keeps me walking.The cat- keeps me cleaning house.My niece-keeps me cooking. My husband-keeps me hot. My grands-keep me laughing & crying at the same time.

  13. Carly Hurley says

    Who makes the everyday better for me? My guys: a husband and two goofy boys who provide me with true joy. If God hadn’t blessed me with my three fellas, my everyday wouldn’t be as sweet.

  14. Danielle says

    My dog Benny. :) I rescued him 3 years ago. And he’s saved me. He was rescued from the largest puppy mill in the US when he was 10 months old. He was being bred. He is my best friend, my playmate, my comfort, and my shadow. I love him immensely. He gives me joy every time I look into his beautiful brown eyes and snuggle him close. I thank the Lord for bringing him to me.

  15. Terri Burson says

    My son makes every day better. Being childless for 18 years of marriage and then, surprise, your finally having a baby? He’s my joy. I take nothing for granted.

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