Lemon Raspberry Bikini Cake

Lemon Raspberry Bikini Cake, you ask???

Well, for the record this has nothing to do with a low calorie cake, I can assure you.  I have heard that these cake that have the frosting on the top & in between all the layers are called “naked” cakes.  I hate the word naked.  I personally think, a Bikini Cake sounds a whole lot better & cuter, IMO.  So I have decided that I will call these cakes, Bikini Cakes.

While I’m clearing up the air…I can also assure you that I would never be caught dead in a bikini.

Because I’ve eaten too many pieces of cake in my life!  😉

Lemon Raspberry Bikini Cake - cakemix box cake, quick and delicious homemade frosting!

I could never make a cake that was pure perfection like you see so many other amazing food bloggers do.  I am just not made like that, and thankfully I am okay with it too.  This Lemon Raspberry Cake, requires zero perfection or mad skills when it comes to the baking or decorating department.  You see, the cake part is from a cakebox, a Lemon one to be exact.

All you need to do is bake the cake like the back of the box requires.  (I did use 2 boxes of Ducan Hines Lemon cake)
3 round cakes with leftover batter for a few cupcakes.
I told ya, I am okay with not having mad baking skills!

Lemon Raspberry Cake with the most amazing Raspberry Buttercream!

But I am one that truly believes in having the right priorities, and frosting is truly a priority for me!

I used Glory’s Raspberry ButterCream recipe for my cake.  You can get the recipe by heading over here.  The only thing I switched up is I made a lemon cake & I added some lemon zest to the frosting.  I have been a long fan of Glory’s from Glorious Treats.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life last year, and she was as sweet & REAL as can be!

Lemon Raspberry Cake.  Made with a cakemix but has the most delicious homemade Raspberry Buttercream Topping

There’s something about the time change approaching…Spring arriving very soon…and the taste of lemon that makes me get excited for the new warm & sunny season ahead!  My other little trick that I’ll share is buying the raspberries at Costco.  Their larger container is the perfect amount for this cake, and to have a few leftovers for cupcakes or yogurt parfaits in the morning.  The other plus is that my entire family LOVED this cake – even the boys.  Which I know sometimes boys & men don’t like the taste of lemon, but I had zero complaints!

What I like to call a Bikini Cake - Frosting on the top and in the layers.  Lemon Raspberry Cake

The only part the kids didn’t like was the lemon zest on top.  So I sliced a piece for each one of them & then added the zest for me later.  😉

Ok…I am more than ready for Spring with sunny skies with a twist of lemon added to everyday!

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