Spinach Power Salad

Boost your energy & eat plenty of greens with this Spinach Power Salad.

Spinach Power Salad.  A bowl of greens with some healthy toppings and an amazing lemon vinaigerette dressing

95% of the time I am eating lunch by myself.

Soaking in the peace & quiet of a house that’s empty.

However, soon that will all change with Summer at our door step.


I’m almost tempted NOT to answer.  Because I have to admit, I LOVE my quiet & peaceful afternoons.

While on the subject of afternoons, I’ve been trying to eating a lot more salads for lunch in the hopes to become more healthy and perhaps a few pounds lighter as well.

I call it my Spinach Power Salad for many reasons.  But probably the main reason is that it is FULL of deep dark greens!!!  I feel so much better when I regularly (pun intended ;)) eat greens!

Another reason I enjoy eating salads for lunch is that I don’t feel so sluggish!  Carbs are not weighing me down.  I have a lot more energy & am able to get a lot more things done without feeling heavy from extra carbs.  Yes, carbs can give you energy, but they also wear off fast.  They also make me want to take a nap.  And when you have 10 loads of laundry to do – a nap isn’t a good thing.

I capitalize on adding extra protein (whether it’s by meat, beans…or both) to my salad, and add lots of crunch with fresh veggies.

Spinach Power Salad


  • Spinach Greens
  • Sliced Red Peppers
  • 2 Tablespoons of Capers
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup of Garbanzo Beans
  • Sliced tomatoes - whatever you have on hand
  • Protein (Tuna, Chicken or some type of Fish)
  • Fresh Herbs such as Parsley, Dill or Cilantro


  1. I enjoy eating salad out of a bowl. So I simply add everything on top of my Spinach that's already inside of the bowl.
  2. I place everything in sections or mix it up - depending on my mood. But typically, I divide it if I'm watching the amount of things I eat.
  3. Use your preferred salad dressing of choice - but I highly recommend a Lemon Vinaigrette with this salad.

I use this recipe for Lemon Vinaigrette and sometime I’ll chop up a herb to give it a little bit different texture.

I love the salty-ness from the capers with the tomatoes.  They go together perfectly, in my humble opinion.

Spinach Power Salad

 It’s a beautiful salad that will keep you moving throughout the day, all while eating healthy & eating lite!

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