Wedding or Bridal Shower Cupcake Toppers

Truth be told, I really don’t know what came over me.  Me???  Create a printable for a wedding reception or bridal shower?

All I can say, is never say never…

You see, I once had 2 friends that truly were Bridezillas.   I had to deal with them at THE SAME TIME  for months!  Because, of course they planned their weddings just a month apart.  Each one was trying to out do the other, and it was nothing but pure drama.  D R A M A.  If something didn’t go their way – oh have mercy on our souls!!!

Every.single.night. I was on the phone with them.  I would have one on hold while I clicked over to the other one on call waiting…such drama.

I swore I would never have a formal wedding after I had to deal with them.  Never.

And I didn’t.

I didn’t plan one.single.thing. for my wedding.  It was at a dear friend’s house, and she did everything for us.  Because I literally got physically sick at the thought of dealing with any wedding issues because of my 2 former friends.

And you know what???  It was the most magical and perfect day!

And I didn’t plan a thing – I promise!

Okay – enough about all of that.  Thankfully years have passed now – and after a lot of counseling (kidding – kinda…) I had an idea to make these fun cupcake, treat or drink toppers for a wedding or bridal shower.

I honestly L O V E how they turned out!

Bridal Shower or Wedding Printable Cupcake and Drink Toppers

Wedding and Bridal Shower Cupcake and Drink Topper Printables

You can mix them up – anyway you want.  That’s the beauty of these printable toppers.   No rules!  No drama!  Painless!

Just pretty & FREE!

Bridal Shower or Wedding Drink Printable Toppers
Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or are the bride to be, I wish you all the luck in the world!!!

Printable Wedding Cupcake Toppers

If you want to know how I made these DIY Glitter Party Cups (pictured below) click here.  Aren’t they the funnest thing ever???
Who says weddings or shower prep can’t be fun???

Add some sparkle to your next party!  DIY Glitter Party Cups!  Create this look for pennies!

I highly recommend using heavy paper stock when printing out these topper tags.  I used something similar to this 2 inch scalloped hole punch and it worked like a charm.

This printable is for personal use only.  If you try to resale it, I will hunt you down like a mean Bridezilla!!!  (kidding…kinda…)


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