The day the bottom fell out of our house deal

I had made big plans.   I was literally walking on air.

It was the kind of plans that made you lose sleep over, but you didn’t care, because the planning & the dreaming were all so exciting.

There was no question that there was going to be a major supply of elbow grease that would be needed, along with several DIY projects.

Our budget would be stretched, but we both said. “Let’s go for it!”

So we did.

There’s nothing like that feeling when you & your husband are ready to work together for your dream.   It’s a powerful feeling, I tell you.

We put an offer on a foreclosure in the area we had been looking to moved into for 8 years. 8 years, people!!!   Oh, and just in case I forgot to mention, it happened to be the same area that the #1 school in all the city/county was located in as well.

Our offer was accepted!  We were the winning bid!

I immediately started a pinterest board to pin all sort of DIY projects, how-to, flowers & landscaping, inspirational photos, color schemes and then some.

I almost forgot to mention – the timing of ALL of this could not have been more perfect.  We were scheduled to close on the house 1 week before school got out for Summer.  We could have all the projects worked on over the Summer and be moved in – in time for the new school year to start.
It was all going to perfect!

The day the deal dropped out from under us.


But then, the bottom fell out 2 days before closing.
 —> 2 D A Y S ! <—

There was a title dispute.  One that was totally out of our hands.

There was a city committee meeting, there were banks involved (remember it’s a foreclosure), and yes there was even attorneys for both banks involved.  There was no end in sight.

What happened to the perfect plan, house and timing?  I mean, I started a Pinterest Board for this house, for heaven sake!!!  This cannot be!  All my ideas.  My planning – all went out the window.

Life is like a box of chocolates.
Sometimes you get the worst tasting candy right after you’ve eaten the best tasting candy.
And you try everything you can do to get the worst taste out of your mouth.

My balloon had popped.  I was told this happens quite often, but that casual statement did nothing to help my heart.  I fell in love with a house, in an area we had been looking to get into for 8 years.  A house and land we could never really afford had it not been in foreclosure.  It was the perfect layout for our family.

After my heart & hopes were crushed, I did something I shoulda done all along.  I asked Jesus to take the wheel.  We are a below average family if you were to look at us on paper.  We didn’t have the means financially to get involved with attorneys & banks.  It was time to do either of 2 things.
#1 Turn & walk away
#2 Ask Jesus to take the wheel & handle it all.

I picked #2.

I gave it all to Him.  I even asked my personal friends to pray that if it wasn’t meant to be, that Jesus would help me hate the house I fell in love with, because I couldn’t hate the house without Him.

You see, I don’t fall for anything really easy.  It’s either all or nothing with me.

But God knows that about me.  He made me.  He also knows the desires of our hearts.
So with a very humble and grateful heart, here I sit writing this post,

—> 2 D A Y S ! <—

before we close on the VERY SAME HOUSE.

Jesus took the wheel.  He turned it away from the banks & attorneys fighting it out, and gave us the house with even a better deal, more land and of course more weeds to pull.

God hears more than we say, answer more than we ask

I knew the VERY day we signed the 2nd contract that I was going to H A V E to share this with all of you.  Yes, I am a blogger.  Yes, I blog about our life, but sometimes I like to keep the real personal stories, well personal.  But I knew, I had to give God all the credit.  I knew I had to testify that once I turned over the wheel ~ He fixed it all, exceedingly and more abundantly than I could have ever hoped for myself.

Grateful & humbled, I am.

So if you hear some squeals on Tuesday – 2 more days – that will be me signing a contract for the house that I love, that we thought we lost, but was a true answer to our prayers.


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    WOW! your post today has done soooooo much! Great share! this was worth getting personal! I am absolutely inspired! Jesus used you in this post!


    A follower of your awesome blog : )

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    Dear Kellie,

    I’m so thrilled for you! I cannot wait for you to take us on a tour of the house on Wednesday! :) Also, I’m grateful that you have told us your story – most times, when I read something like this, I dismiss it as coincidence. However, this time, it has struck a chord with me as a reminder that I try to do things on my own all the time………and of course it is never on my own, I just think it is. There’s a situation going on with me right now that I have been wearing myself out trying to affect – obviously I need to stop. Sometimes I’m a regular blockhead, just like Charlie Brown! :)

    • says

      You are so kind to say such sweet things, Kelli! Thank you. Isn’t it the hardest thing ever to allow yourself to “give up with faith” so hard. Praying that it will all work out for you!

      I’m a blockhead too!!!

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    Sometimes is it so difficult to let go of what we want and give it over to him, but it’s a lesson we have to continue to learn. Let go, Let God. I too struggle with this soooooo much! Thank you for sharing your story, I think it is so important to share what happens in our lives when we trust in the Lord!

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    What a powerful story and thank you so so much for sharing it. I know EXACTLY how you felt and what you were going through. We actually just went through the same thing. We had been in contract on a house that was a short sale and needed a ton of work for 45 days, got down to 4 days before closing and had to walk away. I was devastated because, like you, I had made plans…lots of them. But the house needed so so much work and there were several other obstacles we had already dealt with with the property. We were starting to settle on things we werent necessarily ok with just for the sake of closing the deal, but then we prayed and asked God for guidance. And not even an hour later we were guided to walk away. We live by the expression that “Mans rejection is God protection” and knew we would find our home. Not even a week later we did ans not even a mile from the house we lost. Its absolute perfection and i knew after 20 seconds it was The One! The old house is still suffering on the market and we truly believe the best blessing was us not closing in 4 days. We are in escrow on our new house and are scheduled to close at the end of the month!

    • says

      your story gave me chills! How positively wonderful for you. Hardest thing ever is to walk away in trust. But goodness, when you can..and do – the blessing that may come back are amazing. Blessing to you & your new home.

  5. Andrea says

    Yes… God’s will is a powerful thing. What an AMAZING tale of his will. How awesome is it that you still got what wanted AND more just by putting your faith in His hands?!!! I’ve had a crappy weekend- thanks for a simple reminder about His own time and His own way.
    Have fun pulling those extra blessed weeds. 😉 ;D

  6. Karen Cozatt says

    God is good all the time and He has an amazing way of taking care of things. When He gives us what we ask for and then some, it brings us to our knees. Enjoy your new house and wishing you many blessings in it.

  7. Nilza Brito says

    Very encouraging to hear your journey and it’s so true….need to let Him have the wheel.
    I needed to hear this reminder. Thanks for sharing and many blessings to you!!

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    I’m so excited for you!!! Congratulations! !! We went through a similar experience when we bought our house. We tried to get into this neighborhood (that normally we would not be able to afford) for 7 years. God took care of it and hand picked our home for us. I’ve since learned (like you did) to ask Him to make me want what He wants for my life and hate what He doesn’t want. I wrote about it some in my ‘about me’ page. Thank you for reminding me of my situation through your triumphant story. I’m elated for you! His love never fails. :) can’t wait to see pix!

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    In my Study now resides dozens of boxes and a large pet cage holding my son and daughter-in-law’s precious kitty (who has to be kept separate from our jealous kitty). Less than an hour before the banks closed for the 4th of July holiday, my son received a phone call that not only were they not closing on their house but they needed even more information.

    And they had to be out of their apartment that Monday since they had been PROMISED they would settle weeks before.

    Thankfully they found out this past Friday that closing now is to be this Wednesday. They are holding their breath and praying!

    My son knows our harrowing house selling and buying experiences but I told my daughter-in-law the worst I knew. Former neighbors had sold their house and had all their belongings in a large moving van as they went to the closing on their new house. At that closing, it was disclosed the bank was not letting the seller sell it after all (he was in a divorce dispute) so the neighbors had to quickly purchase another house in that neighborhood, which was nice but not what they wanted at all. Going back to their former house was not an option, the people were moving in already.

    The TRUE story did help my daughter-in-law see their story was not so bad after all, even if challenging at the moment.


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