Watercolor Painting Printables

As promised, here are the Watercolor Painting Printables that I created from our vacation photos while at Disneyland.  You can see all our photos from our recent trip in this post from last week.

Free Disneyland Watercolor Painting Printables.  Mickey Mouse Balloons + Sleeping Beauty's Castle

I created them using the Waterlouge app.  Out of curiosity last week I played with the app with some of my photos and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they turned  out!

Disneyland Castle in Watercolor
Now to be honest here, I haven’t “styled” them and/or framed them since we are in the middle of trying to move & attempting to get our current house on the market.  But I can definitely guarantee that I’ll be using them somewhere in our new home ~ very soon!

watercolor balloons
More than likely they’ll be placed in my daughter’s room.  I already have this print and to tie it all in together, I thought how fun would it be to include the balloons & the castle from Disneyland in her room to create a watercolor color theme of the happiest place on earth.

I printed my own copies using my own personal printer.  I have an older HP printer, and the watercolor printables did fabulously well with my printer!  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  I promise I’ll show the printables styled in here room in a month or two.  I use Picasa 3 very often when I blog or when I am editing my photos.  I do not have photoshop nor can I even figure out how to upload a pic into photoshop.  Picasa 3 is free and very easy to use.  I love the printing options, because you can see how the image or photo will look in different print sizes before you actually print them out.  Both of these are an 8×10 so they will fit nicely in an 8×10 frame or if you would like, you can get an 11×14 frame and by a matte at a craft store that will fit a 8×10 photo for a 11×14 frame.  Hope that makes sense??!!  I love a gallery wall full of different size frames & colors.  But that’s the eclectic side of me talking.

One small thing to add, I strongly recommend that you print these off with high quality paperstock.  I get asked often what I mean by that, and it’s paper that is much thicker than the normal photocopy paper.  Plus it just looks more professional when printed.


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