Our first Home Improvement Project in our New Home

Win it!  Dyson DC59 Motorhead

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As most of you know we’ve been *trying* to purchase a house that’s been in foreclosure for quite some time.  We thought we had it, but we didn’t.

We were determined not to give up.  Because it really & truly was a dream come true for us to find a home in an area we wanted to be in.

In all our efforts (and our Realtor’s efforts) it seemed it was a constant battle of drama.

After the drama, battle and time – I did what I should have done in the first place, and asked Jesus to take the wheel.

And He did!

This past week we finally closed on our dream foreclosure home.  It took us 3+ months to close because of a title dispute.  That’s longer than a trimester if you’re doing the math!

To us, the house is already a dream come true.  But with it being a foreclosure – it obviously has some major issues in basically every room of the house.  And let’s not forget the major cleaning and vacuuming that will be required to make this our {live-able} dream home.   But I can honestly say, *this* is truly my favorite element to be in.

Sure, like anyone would I know I’ll get stressed, be mad or even say “why me” – but I am loving this messy, gross, major fixer upper.  I am living my dream.

Since we had about 4 months to really think on what we’d like to do to the house – we’ve been really planning and budgeting to the penny on what we wanted to do first when the house was ours!

So…we decided that our first project would be to gut one of the bathrooms.   This particular one is the kids’ bathroom.  Here’s the before:

Kids Bathroom Before
GEEZ!   You would think I would be observant enough to put the toilet seat down when I snapped this pic.  But this is truly how it was when we first walked inside & toured this house.  Not a terribly small bathroom, almost functional but needed a shower + new fixtures + paint.

Bathroom During
At least I remembered to put the toilet seat down for this picture.  😉

We started gutting our first day!!!  We’ve been running around like crazy the past couple of days.   Some projects we hope will move really fast – others, we know we’ll have issues.  Our main goal was to get a shower/tub operational and to clean & vacuum so we can move in ASAP!

And I think we pulled this part off in record timing!!!

Adding a shower head to a bathtub with faux subway tile (ReBath)
What a difference, right???  We have a shower now!!!  Oh how I love subway tile.  It’s so clean & classic to me!  It’s like a dream come true.

Before and After Subway Tile Bath
We still need to install a new vanity, toilet, paint, and of course clean, vacuum & mop.  In case anyone is curious – we used ReBath to install this tub unit.  We have used them in our current house, and we absolutely love it!  We did all the prep work, and yes – we paid for this BEFORE we even closed on the house!  We are risk takers for sure!  (I do not recommend doing that, btw!) 

New Subway Tile Bath (ReBath)
So to answer any other questions – it really is faux subway tile.  I knew when I saw they had this design, I HAD to get it.  They also put the same material around our entire window to make it waterproof.  So we can take a shower in there without worrying about water damage.  Everything pertaining to the bathtub materials and labor has a lifetime warranty.   It was the perfect solution for this tub with a window, that also needed a shower to meet our family’s needs!

Bath and Shower Before and After.  How we made it possible to keep the window and install a shower head.

Guess what???
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 I think the genius people at Dyson must had heard I was living my dream surrounded by dirt, dust and spider webs.

This Dyson DC59 Motorhead – it’s a cordless vacuum(!!!) $600 value – will be sent to one lucky winner.  The winner will be announced August 18th.

The ease & versatility of the Dyson DC59 Motorhead along with the fact that it’s the latest Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum that’s cordless(!!!) are some of the most favorite things!   3x the suction of  any cordless vacuum!  That’s a whole lot of cereal & pasta being cleaned up – if you have kids…you know what I mean.    Watch out wood floors & carpet – there’s a new kid in town.

P.S.  It can go straight from the wood floors or tile right to the carpet!  Perfect for any house!

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Good Luck!

*Many thanks to Dyson for sponsoring today’s discussion.*


  1. jan says

    I LOVE that it’s cordless! My dream space would have to be my patio. I love that my husband insisted on an amazing covering… we can sit out on the patio or grill year round… rain or snow!

  2. Krys says

    Thank you for sharing this giveaway and knowing that you are so real in sharing your restorations for your new home and not giving up. The feature that I like is the fact that you can hang this little vacuum on the wall and not clutter the floor in the storage area. Yeah! Best wishes for your dreams coming true.

  3. Linda says

    How do you handle the moisture around your window caused by the shower? Has always been a problem for me when a window is in the shower area.
    It does look beautiful–love subway tiles.

  4. Andrea says

    My favorite dream space is my craft den. I would love to have work surfaces with varied heights to accomodate standing and sitting crafts. I LOVE the versatility of the Dyson to go from Hard floors to Carpet. THAT is always a bonus. Plus it seems to be lightweight- and might make me vacuum my stairs more often. *maybe* lol If it really does do the fine dust that is always visible during that time of day in the late evening- color me happy!

  5. Dawn Kasarda says

    My favorite dream space would be an Arizona room/greenroom. Since there are so many rodents that eat up every non-thorny thing I plant. I would love to push out our kitchen and expand out a bonus room.
    I have four inside pets, 2 cats and two dogs. So anytime I vacuum ,the issue I have is the cord tangling up around the chairs, hooking up on the area rugs and such in our house. Cordless+dyson=A happy home.

  6. Perri Koliadko says

    my dream space will always be a little house by the sea…. *sigh*.
    my favorite thing about the DC59 is that it goes from carpet to tile or wood with no adjustments! i need this vacuum!

  7. Michelle Andrews says

    Your tub and shower look great! I am in love with your subway tile! We moved into our modest ranch home last year and are slowly doing things to make it our dream home. Currently our master bedroom is tiny, so I have dreams of adding on a master suite with a bathroom with dual sinks and a walk-in shower and separate water closet for the toilet. I’d also love a nice walk-in closet and laundry space. This cordless Dyson vacuum would be perfect for cleaning up after my three year old, 2 year old, and when my newborn gets bigger. Mealtime with small children is so messy!

  8. Kathleen Watson says

    The answer to my dreams! I do a lot of sewing and would love to have a cordless vacuum for the quick clean ups from my sewing room then move over to the bathroom and whip that into shape for customers to change in. I have the perfect place to charge this. What a dream machine and I would love to win it!

  9. Shannon says

    Love that the Dyson DC59 suction power. little boy = sand and dirt. i’m sure it would pick up that on all my floors. My dream space would be a family room that the toys and games could be used ina shared space getting toys out of the living room and bedrooms :)

  10. Sheila B. says

    My dream space would be a private outdoor oasis where I could soak up the sun, splash a little in a pool, have a small cooking/eating area, surrounded in lush flowers & foliage…and with two trees between which a hammock would hang. That would be so very nice. :-) The feature on the Dyson Motorhead that makes my heart turn a bit is that removable head for vacuuming stairs! And picking up pet hair on furniture! And cleaning the car! Boy, I need one of those, especially for the car.

    I love the tile you chose for your improved shower. Can’t wait to see what you choose for the vanity. Our current bathroom is about as small as yours there.

  11. Misty says

    My dream space changes daily! Sometimes it’s a mountain retreat or a sunny whitewashed beach cottage, other times an old sea captain’s mansion overlooking waves crashing against a rocky shore. Today it would be a cozy room that I didn’t have to clean first, lol! I love that the Dyson DC59 is cordless but I’d have to say my favorite overall feature is that it looks like SO much fun to use. My kids would totally want to help vacuum with the DC59 in our house. Sounds like a win for this mama! :)

  12. says

    Love the suction power! Enough to almost suck my munchkins up along with all their dirt! 😉 Dream space would be an eat in kitchen with a full bar/island for the kids to sit around while mommy burns…ummm cooks dinner. Love your bathroom makeover, btw!

  13. Kate B. says

    I love that ability to move from tile to carpet and the fact that it’s cordless! My dream space is currently being built, we are building our dream home as we speak a modern craftsman, I can’t wait!

  14. Pam G says

    I just moved into a new two room apartment…I love the compact size as storage space is at a premium! My dream space would be a dedicated space to craft and sew!

  15. Crystal Baker-Hanson says

    My dream space is soon to be finished! We’re working on re-doing our master bedroom. It’s been so fun designing it and I can not wait to see it done. Then I’m going to lock the door and never let the kids in! One can dream, right?! You did ask our favorite “dream” space. 😉 Best feature of the Motorhead is most definitely that it’s CORDLESS!!!

  16. kimber says

    We’re going to be building soon, and this vacuum would be fab!! (Especially the cordless part!) My future favorite part?? (hopefully fav??) A big huge deck!! Can’t wait to actually meet it in person. :) Thanks for the great give away!

  17. Debbie L says

    My dream space is our living room. The house was built in 1969 and we just had a new living room window installed. Now we need to figure out a new heating system because it is baseboard heat. NOT very warm or efficient. We also have a large fireplace and it’s hard to arrange the furniture. We do a little at a time. My favorite thing about the Dyson is you can actually vacuum the stairs without almost falling down the stairs.

  18. Keri says

    It’s CORDLESS!!! Oh gosh, a cordless vac!! Also, I love that new tub and shower- great job! My dream space is actually a new master bath-new tub and shower, vanity, everything.

  19. Pam Sohan says

    My dream space would be a tree house in my back yard with just enough room for a bed that would be surrounded by windows that have screens so I could open them on beautiful days and let the breeze in, and a space to scrapbook. Oh and a small fridge. Just enough room for me.

    I love cordless vacs, they are so handy. I also love my big Dyson vacuum so I know I would love this one just as well. Would make it much easier to keep up with the cat hair.

  20. trish T says

    I love that it goes easily from hard wood floors to carpet

    We have 3 bathrooms to renovate in the new house we bought a year ago. I’m excited to get started on the master.

  21. Tiffany says

    I love that it’s cordless, lightweight, and a dyson! Everyone knows Dysons rock! My dream space is a little more difficult. We just closed on a foreclosure house, and I see potential and dream spaces in every corner of this house! If I had to pick just one, it would definitely be my future craft room!! It will be where I’ll spend most of my time while the four kiddos are at school!

  22. Jenn Ciniello says

    My favorite dream space is what I hope will one day be our new bedroom. We are planning to make our garage over into our bedroom and then everyone ( hubby and me and the kids) will have more room to spread out!! I love that the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is so great on different floor types because we have hard wood and carpet, and I also love that it is so powerful because with 3 kids and a cat and dog, we get some grimy floors!

  23. Terri C says

    Love your new shower, beautiful ! My dream space is my sewing room, I go in there and I’m in a differant world! Love that you can just push a button to empty the dirt.

  24. says

    oh my..i would soo love to have this vacuum!!!..Cordless????..yay!!!…i am disabled and i hate vacuuming..it wears me out..i have very limited mobility, so i keep putting it off..i could breeze right thru it with this baby..3x’s the suction???..oh yeah..watch me have the cleanest floors in the state..lol..my 6 year old grandson likes to sweep for me every time he’s out..Boy,, he would LOVE this little beauty..and i really like the fact that i can hang it up right beside my broom and dustpan..Simple..Easy..Done..Yes, please…and Congrats!!! on your new bathroom..Great job!!!!..i can’t wait to see the before and after of your kitchen…that is my dream room..

  25. Rebecca says

    My dream space would be where all our carpet is replaced! This vacuum would make my cleaning so much more efficient – no cords or dragging around different tools/attachments. Love ur remodel! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  26. Laura J says

    Oh my favorite dream space would be a family room off our kitchen! I would love an addition for Carter to play…and open the kitchen up! So cramped now! As for my favorite feature…I would have to say the would be the 3x suction! That would be so wonderful for getting up the dog hair!
    I really love what you did to the bathroom! I love that tile…will have to check into it when I get ready to retile my tub/shower!

  27. Fleur says

    I love that it’s cordless, that would make following a baby, cat and dog a around all day much easier! My dream space is a library with a cosy reading nook under a sunny window!

  28. Adela graham says

    I love the comment someone left (on the Dyson website) that their 8 year old could use it! Hahahaha perfect for my 8 year old! That would be my fave feature :)
    I think my dream space would be our finished patio when we finally get around to it!

  29. Michelle says

    I would love a Dyson!! This one especially since it cleans carpet and hard surfaces. We have tile, laminate, rugs and carpets. Also love the fact that it would make vacuuming my van way easier!!

  30. Rachel says

    I love the cordless features…not more extension cords get go vacuum all the kid crumbs out of my car!
    My dream space is my current open concept kitchen – with a kitchen table that I love plus a great breakfast bar and a living room area so I can cook and talk to my family or guests at once. Dreamier would be a double oven!

  31. Susie Chadwick says

    I love how lightweight it is and it goes from carpet to wood floors. This would eliminate needing to get out 2 vaccums when trying to clean my home while the 2 kids are running around. Plus my carpet vaccum is so heavy and I tend to knock into every wall trying to carry it from the upper level to the main level.

  32. Sondra says

    My dream space would be a huge kitchen with a fireplace that would be open on both sides with the other side being the living room. I love to cook and be in the kitchen.
    I like the cordless feature of the Dyson. It would definitely make life alot easier!!

  33. Janalyn H. says

    I love that it is cordless! Would love to use that on my stairs. My dream space is my kitchen! I love to cook and I love my kitchen, so it is perfect.

  34. Jaime Luethy says

    I love that the vacuum is cordless and transitions easily to all floor types! My dream space is my sunroom. It is big and beautiful and we have been able to host many parties in it.

  35. Cynthia Harvey says

    my favorite feature is that it is balanced with motor towards arm. I could not handle one any other way. Also the quick change tools.
    My dream project is my bathrom with an extra large shower with seat and safety bars.

  36. Tammy says

    I love that you persevered through all of your obstacles with the dream home…you deserve it!

    My favorite feature of the Dyson is that it can tackle my hardwood floors, carpeted steps and dog hair without braking a sweat.

    My dream space is a new kitchen with double wall ovens, a gas cooktop and a French door refrigerator w/bottom freezer. No, I haven’t given it much thought. 😉

  37. says

    My dream space would have to be a chef’s kitchen – complete with 2 stoves – so that I have more than enough space when I’m on a baking spree. My current apartment kitchen is far too small.
    Given my allergies, and the fact that my son is following in my footsteps, I’m thrilled that it catches microscopic dust & the hygienic emptying.

  38. Missy says

    I absolutely love that the DC59 is lightweight and you have the ability to change floor types! My husband and I purchased our first home almost a year ago and have been working on it constantly! My dream space would be a calming bathroom with a soaker tub so I could actually have some me time in a hot tub with a good book!

  39. says

    Wow nice job on the bathroom!!
    My favorite feature for the Dyson DC59 is its versaitility, how easy would the landings and stairs be to vaccuum now!!
    My favourite dream spot is our back porch….after all of the snow has melted and spring starts rolling in, that back porch becomes our outdoor living room!
    thanks for the opportunity!!

  40. Veronica S says

    I would love an attic that doubled as an art studio, library and lounge. I can see it in my head! Of course, i would also be happy with an extra couple of feet in our tiny bathroom. And the vacuum is fantastic! I would love a cordless one so I didn’t have to unplug and move around the house so much!

  41. Anne says

    Love that the Dyson is cordless… AND it goes from hardwood to carpet! My dream space would have to be my new studio…business, sewing, and painting ALL in one place! I can’t wait.

  42. Cathy Farmer says

    I love that it is cordless. My dream is to have my matter bath made over and my claw foot tub out of storage and installed. French country design.

  43. Terri says

    I love that it is cordless with 5 grandchildren I am constantly dragging out my vacuum cleaner. My dream space is my sun porch. It is where my family gathers and lots of great memories are made.

  44. Colette Wilson says

    Your tile work is beautiful. My favorite feature is the ability to go from floor to carpet. My favorite space is our 3 season screened patio.

  45. Amber Price says

    You did that already?!?! You blow my mind!!! That vaccuum is amazing! Love that it is cordless. My dream space? I don’t know. I need someone to do things like that for me!!!

  46. Shannon says

    Your bathroom looks a-mazing! Love it!

    My favorite future dream space is our kitchen. We’ve been working on our current house for a year now, it needed so much just to make it livable. And the kitchen was low on the priority list. Also, I didn’t want to rush in to doing it & regret hasty decisions, so I’m glad for the time to dream & scheme until it’s a reality 😉

    On the Dyson, that cordless feature is awesome! And also the fact that it works on wood floors.

  47. Karen says

    my dream space is my bedroom. I am in the process of updating it with lots of DIY projects ad so far I love it!
    my favorite thing about the DC59 is that it goes from carpet to tile or wood or in my case laminate flooring with no extra adjustments! LOVE it!

  48. Gina says

    My dream space is a glamped up 13 ft Shasta trailer. All girl weekend “camping” trips are my next adventure. What would make cleanup more perfect than your Dyson Cordless Vac? It would easily go from the house to trailer duty because of it’s compact size!

  49. Becky Crawford says

    My dream space would be a scrapbooking room where all of my “treasures” would be organized and easy to find. I love that the Dyson is cordless
    and the fact that it is light weight is just icing on the cake!

  50. Justin C says

    My dream space would be the bathroom. I’d like a shower with multiple heads! Someday. Your bathroom is looking great. I really like the docking station, very convenient when you’re short on space.

  51. Jamie says

    We purchased our fixer upper 1942 cottage two years ago and my dream space would be to add a screened in back porch to our master bedroom. A nice place to relax in the mornings and evenings with a good book, my husband, our dog, and a cup of coffee. The Dyson vacuum would be awesome to have for our rugs and hardwood floors where dog hair bunnies like to reside. With it’s cordless capability I can take it room to room and get into all the nooks and crannies, corners, and under the beds. The fact that it has 3x the suction and gets micro dust and dirt is awesome. I’ve always wanted a Dyson :)

  52. Jessica says

    I hate it when I vacuum and the last corner of an area is out of reach because of the cord! My favorite feature of the Dyson is that it is cordless!!
    My dream space would be my backyard! I just need to complete the decks!

  53. erin says

    My dream space is a cozy corner with a fluffy chair.to curl up in with a book. Love this Dyson going from hard floor to carpet! Hope I’m the winner!

  54. Robin says

    Great giveaway thanks! My dream space is a open concept living room/ kitchen in all white…..my favorite thing about the dyson is that it is cordless and lightweight perfect for my 3 floors or black lab dog fur!

  55. jodi martin says

    I think my favorite feature on this Dyson DC59 is the fact that it’s cordless. My favorite dream space in my house is a reading nook on our third floor. There are built in bookcases, and three separate window seats, easy with a spectacular view of treetops, houses and wide open sky. It’s quiet, private, light and bright, and a very cool space. PERFECT for day dreaming or reading.

  56. Christine Done says

    My favorite current place would have to be my bathroom. It has a large tub for taking long hot soaks. :)

    The vacuum looks amazing. There are a number if features I really like.
    1. light weight
    2. coardless
    3. capable of captures microscopic dust
    I could go on and on.

  57. Kerry Clark says

    I love that it’s cordless but still high-powered and effective! I would love to have this so I don’t have to wind a cord around my pets who always seem to follow me around while I vacuum :)

  58. Ashley S says

    My dream space is also my bathroom. We converted it from a tiny little closet sized bathroom to a spacious oasis!

    My favorite features of the Dyson are that it’s cordless, and it can go from carpet to floor. We have mostly hardwood with area rugs!

  59. Vanessa says

    My dream space has to be our great room, I’ve always been a fan of open concept layouts so to actually own a house with this just fills my heart with happiness.
    I love our dyson and we have been in the market for a cordless vac for awhile now. So dyson must be good mind readers to finally dabble over into the cordless vac realm!

  60. says

    My dream space would be an outdoor backyard oasis with plenty of space for my 5 munchkins to safely entertain themselves! And to still have some space left for mom and dad too.

    My favorite feature of the Dyson is that it’s cordless! With the afforementioned 5 kids disaster strikes anywhere, anytime, so portability = awesome

  61. Melissa Witte says

    My favorite feature is that it is cordless and light looking!! My dream space would be more space…my own room/bathroom that I don’t have to share with a little….oh and a beautiful big kitchen :)

  62. says

    The bathroom looks group at so far! Can’t wait to see the rest!
    I love that the vacuum gets shorter for the stairs. I need this for our house and have wanted one forever! My dream space would be an awesome craft room all decked out! Some day …hopefully!

  63. Vicky says

    My dream space is my kitchen I got an awesome 5 burner gas stove…now to repaint and tile it. I like that the Dyson is cordless and lightweight for stairs.

  64. Emily says

    My favorite feature is that it is cordless! So completely convenient. I have yet to find my dream space. I think one day I will have a dream kitchen or a dream craft room…it just hasn’t happened yet!

  65. Jenna says

    I love that it is cordless and it comes in different types (animal vs regular). My dream space is a comfortable and inviting porch with soft lighting, music, comfortable seating and surfaces for food and drinks. I love a place that is versatile in that you would read in that space, entertain company or hold your children while listening/watching a summer thunderstorm roll in. Ahhh!

  66. Megan Futo says

    I love love love that its cordless and I need a cordless with 4 kids and 2 dogs! I am always cleaning up crumbs! My dream space would be a huge but cozy craft room with floor to ceiling windows!

  67. says

    My favorite dream space is a craft room all to myself – complete with beautiful storage for all my yarn, a work table to block items on, and a squishy chair to curl up in and work. As for that beautiful vacuum, the fact that I could do my whole house without having to plug and unplug four times is what makes my toes curl with delight. That, and the fact that it comes in pink!!

  68. Tiffanie says

    I love the bathtub redo. I would have thought it was a whole new bathtub. I will have to remember the rebath for any future bathroom projects.
    I love that the Dyson DC59 vaccuum gets microscopic dust. With a 18 month old baby girl its important to me to have clean floors that she can play on. Plus, the fact it can go from our hardwood floors to the carpet without adjustments gets extra points!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  69. Misty Swearingen says

    LOVE everything about the DC59! The suction, being cordless, the ability to go from hardwood to carpet, even the color! It would be a big help in my favorite space, our living room! Tons of crumbs, dog hair and general kiddie disasters!

  70. Nancy Swecker says

    I like ALL the features of the Dyson, especially though the cordless yet powerful feature and the charging station. My favorite dreamscape would be my bathroom right now.

  71. Kathleen McLain says

    I love that its cordless and light. My Dream would be to remodel our cottage to make it big enough to live in full time for our retirement.

  72. Marisol Gutierrez says

    Awesome. Love the bathroom makeover. Love the whole wall tile in the tub…especially love the giveaway….cordless and lightweight…my dream vacuum…easy cleaning for busy school days, sports and dance schedules ahead…thank you for the opportunity to win this fab dyson

  73. Susan Ringler says

    My favorite space in my dream house is a Window Seat with a cozy space for reading and a fabulously designed Window. My favorite feature is the versatility so I don’t have to have two floor cleaners.

  74. Amanda says

    I love the bathroom! I would have never guessed it was a surround.
    My favorite space would be the living room. That is where my family spends most if our time and with two little boys it’s hard to keep it organized and pretty!
    I used a Dyson now but this one would save me so much time on the stairs with it being cordless and lightweight!!

  75. Michelle Moody says

    My dream space would be anywhere my gnomies are (children=gnomies), but if I were to name a particular place it would be our brand new home we just moved into late last year!
    What I love best about the Dyson hand held is that you can go up the stairs and not have to break my back holding it in awkward positions!

  76. Susan Fox says

    This vac has everything I need: versatile: I can actually get cobwebs and high vents, it’s not clunky, and there’s NO cord!!!! Fabulous! And it looks lightweight, which is an issue for me these days.

  77. Joni Sue Cook says

    I really like that it’s lightweight, seems like it would be a breeze to get the whole house done. My favorite dream space is my craft/sewing/office/ reading room. It’s my go to comfort space.

  78. Tammy says

    I love the convenience of the dyson and that it is cordless and can change floor types without any hassle. Also the way that it dispenses and empties the dirt. That will be very helpful f.to all of us allergies sufferers

  79. Becca Hill says

    I LOVE the way it empties! No bags and it looks like just a squeeze of a trigger. Easy! I always have to have someone empty my vacuum because I am super allergic to dust. My dream space? A bathroom where the door doesnt’ hit the toilet or a cupboard doesn’t open onto the toilet. A bathtub in my bathroom sounds nice too. Whoever designed our bathrooms had zero concept of space – it’s ALL wasted on counter that just gets cluttered and doors you can’t open because the toilets are in the way.

  80. says

    I so love that the DC 59 is cordless! My newest dream spot is my kitchen, it is the next room for a little redoing and I am beginning to think of colors and new flooring so the DC 59 would come in hand for the renovation.

  81. Noel Aly says

    I love that it’s cordless!! My dream space would be a much bigger kitchen, I love to cook and bake, but it’s hard not having enough counter space and room for applicanes that I would love to get. The new bathroom looks awesome, can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house 😉

  82. Debi H. says

    My dream space would be an open kitchen/dining room. I like that the dyson DC59 can go from hard floor to carpet easily and that it has a docking station.

  83. Brandi Price says

    My favorite place is my back patio. I has a HOT TUB! So relaxing and nice… I love that the Dyson is cordless! Would make it a lot easier and faster!

  84. Lisa says

    I am constantly dreaming of a big old empty barn or shed where I could paint furniture and projects any time of day or night. It would mean I could give my husband back the garage and office and could have a lot of projects going on at one time without any visible mess to anyone else! I am in love with my dyson animal vac, but how amazing would it be to bring this out to my car with no extension cord and flip it onto Max Mode to suck up all the yellow lab hair that sticks in my car mats?!

  85. Kristen Cumming says

    My favorite dream place is my patio. I love sitting outside and listening to the birds and relaxing. Having a bad back, I love the fact that this Dyson is light weight.

  86. Suzanne Winter says

    I love the fact that the Dyson is so small and lightweight for STAIRS!!!! I feel like my stairs are sorely neglected because they are just such a pain to do – and with three toddlers and two sets of stairs you can just imagine what is lurking in those nooks and crannies ;op My husband and I are currently remodeling our kitchen – dust, sweat, and an occasional drop of blood…. but I think when we finish it will be my Dreamspace!!!!

  87. di@Cottage-Wishes says

    Wow, your bathroom is amazing. What a great job. My dream space is the kitchen. I want a wonderful island and space to entertain. The Dyson DC 59 does floors and caprets and is cordless. We are in the middle of a move as well. We sold our house and are renting until our new house is built. So you know I am surrounded by dirt!. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Di

  88. Debbie G says

    I have a lake house that constantly needs vacuuming (and always seems to be a favorite place for all the local spiders to hang out) and I love that the dyson is CORDLESS so I can go anywhere with it.

  89. heather krcha says

    my favorite space is outside under a shady tree watching all of my babies play :)

    i love the cordless feature on the new dyson…dirt beware!!

  90. Ginger T says

    My dream space is a new kitchen since I spend a lot of my happy time there with family, friends and creating yummies.

    I love the DC59!! I especially love the 3x power, my current cordless vac is just too lazy.

  91. Sherry Grant says

    My dream space would be a renovated kitchen, with a professional quality stove. I love that the Dyson can go from floor to carpet without having to manually adjust it. Saves time and energy!

  92. Susan Welsh says

    Dyson – cordless and a 2 year warranty??? Wow!! My dram space – my craft space at my little store…I so need an area where I can work, and people will know what is around me is not for sale, but they can watch me work or teach a class.

  93. Sonya M says

    It is my dream to someday have an amazing sewing/quilting room. What I love most about this Dyson is that is has such strong suction, yet is lightweight! This would be perfect for me, and I would be absolutely thrilled to win it! Thanks for the chance. I love the subway tile look of your new shower! And I’m glad you explained how they were able to cover around the window so it’s not a problem. I’m excited to watch your new home become beautiful!

  94. Tasha says

    First, LOOVE your new bathroom. I wish we had done this to our guest bathroom in California. But, we moved thanks to military life. Love that the dyson is so compact, and cordless. Those two things are ideal since we’re in a tiny space now. And a dream space? Maybe just more of it? Haha. I’d love to put my boys in a shared room and have a home office and craft room… Eventually it will happen. :)

  95. Alison Long says

    Congratulations on the closing! I can’t wait to see more after pictures! My favorite dream space would be a covered deck/patio to be able to enjoy our (south-facing) backyard. I love the Dyson’s lightweight design and no cords would be awesome!

  96. christine sicinski says

    3x sucktion is may favorite feature — I have 2x the dogs! Just moved into our dream space…a newly build home the perfect size for all of us (not to big, not to small). we have carpet now and hope to install laminate or hardwood next year!

  97. says

    Wow! Amazing transformation!!! And the Dyson… Swoon! I love all the extra attachments it has! I would use it to clean up and hekp transform my messy unorganized craft room!

  98. says

    My dream space would be a reading room with tons and tons of natural light…and a view! I love that the Dyson is cordless, one less step is always a good thing! The 2 year warrantee is a great plus also.

  99. Nikki Freed says

    I love that it has great suction AND it’s cordless – those features don’t always go together well. My dream space would be our master bathroom.

  100. DAWN RENEE' says

    Regarding the DC 59, I am sold at cordless and the awesome suck all the dog fur everywhere part (3 fur babies = lot’s of fur and hiding spots). Regarding my dream space, an art area where I can create any time and do anything my little heart desires!!

  101. says

    Oh my goodness I love everything of it, the fact that it can go from one type of floor to the other is really neat. My dreamspace would be my patio right now, just a couple of little details to be completely done and I want friends to come and hang out there with me!

  102. Caron says

    I love the fact that it’s cordless! That is such an incredible feature. No more tangled messes, no more tripping or getting caught between furniture! We just purchased a home that we will move into mid September. It is my dream space! Awesome giveaway!

  103. Alyssa Jurgensmeier says

    My dream space would be to have a craft/sewing room. I love to craft but I can’t leave anything out because my little ones like to get into everything. My favorite features of the Dyson would have to be the light weight and easy transitions from tile to carpet to stairs, etc. The portability would make my life so much easier.

  104. says

    I love the cordless feature, that dang cord gets in the way all the time and I have miles of tile and a long long hallway to clean. I love to check out remodeling projects. I’m not too good at taking the before and after pix but have been doing DIY since it was ‘do it yourself or pay someone to do it’ so that’s a long time. Thanks to you and Dyson for such a great giveaway!

  105. Marion kithcart says

    My dream space would be a huge craftroom. I love how lightweight the vacume is. I have major neck problems so vacuuming is difficult but I am raising a grandson who has cystic fibrosis so vacuuming is very important.

  106. Christine G says

    Wow, I would love that vacumm. No cord now that is the best feature ever. I am an avid quilter so my dream space would be a quilting studio with a large cutting table, recessed sewing cabinet and lots of drawers and shelves.

  107. Joyce Yager says

    My dream space is actually an outdoor patio with fireplace! Inside I would love to bump into my garage and double the space of my kitchen. I love the cordless feature of the Dyson. I have tile, laminate and carpeted spaces in my home and I hate vacuum cords getting in the way. I do own a Dyson pet vacuum and I love it!

  108. Lauren says

    My dream space is our family room on a day I can walk through it without stepping on a toy! The Dyson is amazing, it would work on all the floors in my house and I love how easy it would be to use on the stairs! Can’t wait to see more of your house!

  109. Nicole H. says

    I love how it goes from hardwood to carpet with ease. And cordless!

    My dream space would be a four seasons room off the back of my house with lots of comfortable chairs to read in.

  110. Mary says

    I grew up in an area where almost every house had a porch. A large useful porch. That would be my dream for our home. A porch that stretches the entire length of the house to sip my morning coffee, to watch the kids play, to sit and chat with neighbors. Awww, sound wonderful!! My favorite feature of the Dyson D59 is that it’s cordless. I have a split level with several small levels and have to plug my regular vacuum in about 7 different places, not including the bedrooms, to clean the house. This vacuum would be a dream in itself!

  111. Julianne says

    My dream space is a classic white kitchen!

    The Dyson DC59 is really appealing because it is cordless and lightweight, yet powerful. This would make maneuvering a vacuum around all the nooks, crannies and stairs, much easier!

  112. Jennie S. says

    My dream space would be a built-in pool with an outdoor kitchen in my backyard. My favorite feature of the Dyson has to be that it’s cordless! 😉

  113. Cynthia says

    I love that it is cordless so i could vacuum my stairs easier and that it vacuums up microscopic dust to keep places even more clean. I just bought a new house and i am looking forward to decorating my craft room and my outside deck!

  114. says

    I love the cordless/lightweight feature! Perfect for vacuuming stairs. My dream space is a great guest bedroom. We are a Navy family and move a lot so I love having a comfortable place for friends/family to stay.

  115. Terry says

    My favorite space is the patio at our shore house. We recently enclosed it and we spend 95% of our time out there rather than in the house. The cordless Dyson would be *perfect” for cleaning the floor there!

  116. Christan Bringhurst says

    My dream space is my guest room. I love the thought of pampering my guests with serene surroundings and comfy linens. It’s also a great place to sneak away to and read a good romance novel.
    A favorite feature of the Dyson is that it can vacuum both carpeting and wood floors.

  117. Lindsay says

    I love that it is cordless AND can go from hardwoods to carpet without flipping a switch! I have lots of rugs over hardwoods and always forget to change it! :)

  118. Andrea*B says

    Favorite dream space: a luxurious spa style (and of course… self cleaning and noise proof) bathroom that I didn’t have to share:)

    My favorite thing about this awesome machine is that it seems so lightweight. I’m up and down 3 floors when I’m cleaning and carrying my reg vac is VERY cumbersome.

  119. says

    My dream space would be a big bright craftsman home with lots of sky lights and open windows and a cozy home office. All hardwood floors with brightly colored rugs.

    My favorite features of the DC59 have to be the carbon fiber bristles for picking up the fine dirt and dust from the hardwood, and that it captures the microscopic dust. Living in LA our house is filled with so much dirt and dust and I hate having to lug out our big vacuum every few days! So the size and portability is also a fav feature. We’d mount this on the wall and it’d be so easy to grab and do a quick round over the floors! I’ve been dreaming of owning a Dyson so I would be SO happy to win this!

  120. Erin Krumm says

    My dream space is a well decorated master bedroom. Big king sized bed, nice vanity, gorgeous wood furniture. The feature I love the most about the dyson is that it is lightweight yet very powerful. I need something that I can clean the stairs with easily and not break my back in the process!! I tried this baby out in bed bath and beyond and it was very powerful and lightweight!! I also love the boosting feature, it would be great for hard to clean spots!

  121. James Myers says

    My dream space would probably be a man cave with lots of big leather couches and a large screen tv. I’d like the dyson because it is cordless and lightweight. My wife loves her regular dyson but it is too heavy to lug up the stairs and she cant use it to clean the stairs. This would be great.

  122. Renee says

    Love what you are doing with your new home, can’t wait to see more! The vacuum being cordless would be my favorite feature. In my home the study is my fav place, nice and quiet nook to read, plan, dream!

  123. Lauran says

    I LOVE that the Dyson is lightweight AND cordless!! One vacuum to do it all! My dream space would be my living room….paint fireplace and all the wood trim white. We just moved into a new home and have lots to do! Congrats and good luck with all your home projects!

  124. Susan wingo says

    Oh oh oh !!! I want this so bad. !!! I love how you can get under anything ! I love the extention of it! And the stairs !! I can do the stAirs with out a broom! Thx for a chance!

  125. Melanie says

    Great start to your bathroom re-do! I would love, love, love a craftroom – that would be my dream space. A place of my own to be creative where I can leave a half finished project and NOT have to clean up and put everything away. :)

    I would say my favorite thing about the Dyson is that it’s cordless and light!

  126. Barb says

    It’s cordless! I dislike dealing with cords while vacuuming.
    My dream space would be a art/craft room that would have windows
    I really like the look of the subway tile. I’m checking out the idea for my shower stall, which needs redoing.

  127. says

    My favorite dream space is my bedroom and master bathroom! I love a big master bedroom and bathroom with plenty of space and lots of storage in the bathroom. I want a walk in tub along with a jacuzzi style tub and double sinks! I’m dreaming….but eventually I’ll have it!

    My favorite feature of the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is that it works on hard floors and carpet! I have both in my home so that is a big PLUS…and of course that it’s cordless….oh my! =)

  128. Rosa Awad says

    A cordless vac, now that is the dream!! Especially for those of us with long haired pets. Some days I feel attached to my vacuum .My dream space, is hopefully coming soon. We’re a military family and for years we’ve been making due with small cramped homes with barely enough space for ourselves and our kids, but it looks as though this next summer we will get to move, and not only will everyone have their own rooms, but at long last I’ll have my “nook” as my husband calls it. A bit of space all of my own for my sewing machine, books, etc. All for my own to decorate as I wish and as I see fit. My little bit of peace in a house full of chaos (2 daughters and a third due any day now)

  129. says

    my dream space would be a huge sewing and craft room where I could spread out all my projects! It’s such a pain to start a project because everything gets hauled out and I have to cut fabric on the dining room table! Would be even better if I could have the washer/dryer/garment steamer and a sink in there too!!! About the Dyson- love the wall charging station. So convenient! Dyson is a truly brilliant and innovative man. Now if only we could get him to design handbag space into cars…!

  130. Jaclyn B says

    I love that it’s cordless, and that it can go from hardwood to carpet without needing to change anything. And my dream space would be a dedicated craft room! Love your bathroom make-over.

  131. Shanda says

    I would love love a craft room! I would also love a big play room for my kiddos!

    I love that the Dyson is cordless, and can reach ALL the spaces in my house, high and low! I also love how light it is so its easier for my kids to help vacuum :)

  132. Jess Z says

    My dream space is in the works; my sewing and craft room. :) I love that it’s cordless, so I can vacuum our stairs without worrying that my toddler will trip on the cord as she follows me up and down. Great giveaway!

  133. Kelli Potter says

    I love this bathroom & the window in the tub for the natural light! So glad that y’all have found your forever home. Can’t wait to see the results.

    The Dyson vacuum is amazing. I love the one we currently have and would love this cordless vacuum for its ease of quick pickups including dog hair! The dysons are the best for picking up pet hair. We would use it daily!

  134. Jennifer rust says

    My dream space would be one I don’t have yet…..a craft room and/or cozy hearth off of my kitchen. My favorite feature of the Dyson is that it’s cordless. I am constantly unplugging and finding closer outlets to wherever I’m vacuuming :/

  135. Jennifer Parmeley says

    My dreamspace would be a master bedroom that is super relaxing and all done up!! My favorite feature of the dyson – just one??!! The fact that it has super power for both carpet and hardwood without the hassle of a cord!! (I may have fit 3 in one sentence :) ) Couldn’t help it, it’s awesome!!!

  136. Natalie Huskerson says

    I love that I can go from one surface to another with such ease!
    My dream space would be a library in my house. I love to read and just get lost in the whimsy.

  137. Robbie Kwasniewski says

    Gotta be the cordless factor! My dream space is my deck. It looks out over a pond. I hope to screen it in someday, thank you for the chance to win this! Love your before and after photos!

  138. Staci Roe says

    My favorite dream space would be to have a 3 seasons room or something like a conservatory that homes in England have. My favorite things about the Dyson are the slim design and the idea that it is cordless and still has the power of a corded vacuum.

  139. Heather H says

    Cordless! I have a Dirt Devil that we use for the kitchen floors, but it is dying a slow and painful death :( We need something quick for our stairs and all the crumbs that accumulate in our kitchen.

    My dream space would be to finish our outdoor space with seating and shade areas!

  140. Gina says

    Love, love, love that it is cordless! My dream space would definitely be my studio and craft area. The space would be even dreamier with a cordless vacuum to keep it clean!

  141. Tiffany says

    I love the way you empty the bin with the button! My dream space at the moment is the nursery we just finished. It’s my favorite room in the house until we fix up some other rooms. We just bought our house a little over a year ago so we don’t have things the way we want it yet.

  142. Christine says

    My favorite thing about the Dyson is that it is cordless and can go from hardwood to carpet!

    My dream space would be a newly renovated kitchen where I could cook, be a part of homework, and see through to the family room!!

  143. Jennifer W. says

    My favorite dream space would be a organized walk in closet. Sigh. My favorite thing about the dyson is the versatility to go from carpet,tile and wood. ;0)

  144. Heather E says

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! My dream space is currently being built, and that is finally getting a craft room in my new home. I can’t wait though I have for 19 years. I love the Dyson and how it moves from hard wood to carpet. I have been looking for a vacuum for our new hardwood floors…this looks perfect!

  145. Stephanie Putansu says

    My dream living space would be a giant kitchen that overlooked a large living room and outdoor area. That way O could cook for my family and still be involved in the festivities. I love that the Dyson is cordless and can go from laminate to carpet effortlessly!

  146. Emily K. says

    Love this vacuum! I’ll be moving in a year, and this would be perfect to take along – cordless and lightweight, plus it’s great on multiple surfaces!

    My dream space is somewhere where I’ll be able to live with my husband! We currently live on opposite sides of the country.

  147. Amy J says

    Thank you for the give-away opportunity!! Love that this is cordless, has a 24 min battery life and for it’s ease of use cleaning stairs!!

    My dream space would be a great 4 season porch with a fireplace – ideal for family gatherings or cuddling up with a good book!

  148. Donna H says

    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity! My favorite feature is being cordless and being able to transport it anywhere!! My favorite dream space would be a cottage by the beach surrounded by a garden, sand,and blue sky!!!

  149. Catherine says

    My dream space would be a little studio with huge windows — probably close to a beach.

    As far as a real life dream space, I’m working on my bedroom right now.

    My favorite part of the Dyson is the lack of cord. I HATE our vacuum’s cord – – all the unwinding and rewinding and tangles are such a headache!

  150. Heidi Thorpe says

    I have always wanted an amazing backyard with fire pit and bball court nice eating area and a play area . I love that the vacuum is cordless and works on both carpet and hard wood floors!

  151. Barbara says

    It’s got to be the ease of emptying the dirt/dust with the press of a button. I would have no excuse as a housekeeper if I had this tool in my arsenal.

  152. Kristin Carman says

    I LOVE that it goes from tile to wood to carpet. I also lve that it’s cordless and can be easily stored. We just bought our first house while it was in pre foreclosure and have been fixing so many things! I am most excited to transform our bedroom. I love watching you transform your new home!

  153. Monika says

    I love that it is cordless and lightweight, you could get it anywhere! My dream space would be a craft room. I would love it. I could start a project without feeling I had to clean it up without being done with it. Lots of organization and fun stuff. It would be great!

  154. Alicia says

    First, let me say that your home improvement is coming along beautifully! I love seeing these pics! It gives me great ideas & inspiration :)
    My dream space would be to revamp my sunroom that is now being used as my 3 kids’ playroom!
    The coolest feature of the Dyson vacuum would have to be that it’s compact & can get into small spaces! I would love to not have to fuss with the attachment hose on my big vacuum!
    Thanks for this fun giveaway 😉

  155. Amy C. says

    I love that this works on carpets and hard flooring. My dream space would be anything bigger than I’m in now! I would love to have a home with some vaulted ceilings. We live in a 1970’s ranch home and the walls are closing in on me!

  156. says

    I love that it is cordless and I’ll be honest I love the colors too! My favorite dream space hmm, I have a few. I would to finally finish my bedroom, but I also dream of having a beautiful butterfly and edible garden!

  157. Erin T says

    I LOVE that this vacuum is cordless, but still has the power of a full-size vacuum! A friend of mine has one, and I have long wished for one of my own! :) My dream space is a deep covered porch with rocking chairs, ceiling fans, ferns, and a view!

  158. Anne says

    I love that this Dyson is cordless. My older home lacks places to plug anything in! My dream space would be an in-home studio for all things creative. Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. says

    What a super giveaway. I am in need of a new Dyson. I have the original one and love it, but we need a new one. I love the fact that the new DC 59 is cordless and can go from hardwoods to carpet easily, because I have to do that a lot in this house.

  160. says

    I love SO many of the features of the DC59 Motorhead! I guess, if I have to choose, my fave feature is that it’s cordless! I love that it has 3 x the suction of other vacuums! (Oops. That’s two.) I would use it daily in my new, “lower level” (aka basement) craft room! I have daily tiny spiders that love to multiply in all of the many corners. It would be nice to get rid of them on a daily basis.

  161. Deborah Franzen says

    favorite feature… EVERYTHING 😉 best would have to be lightweight, cordless 3x suction. My favorite dream spot would be my sunroom which also houses my parrots. With all of the seeds, shredding and feathers a primo vacuum would be the “cat’s meow” 😉 Congrats on getting your dream home- what Wonderful things await us when we let go and give God control.

  162. Jen L says

    My dream space would be a fiber studio for knitting, spinning, quilting, and sewing. It will happen someday! But now, with two kids and one on the way, a lightweight, cordless vacuum would be a dream come true.

  163. says

    My dream space would def be a kitchen that I could entertain in -where everyone felt comfortable enuff to sit, talk & enjoy most of the evening. My kitchen now is a lb oversized closet :(

  164. Sarah G says

    OOH, I love this! What a great giveaway! I have to admit, I received a Dyson as a wedding present, and was furious when my husband let his friend use it (in our house) before I did! My dream space is my kitchen. I want a big, open kitchen where people can sit and chat, while I cook. And that it has enough room for other people to help me cook!

  165. Krystal Snyder says

    My dream space would be a big, bright and light open kitchen connected to a family room for entertaining.

    I love the feature of this Dyson being cordless!! Having a cord in the way is so annoying specially on stairs!

  166. says

    This vacuum is AMAZING! I love that it’s lightweight and cordless. When my kids eat, they make a giant mess and I have to vacuum the kitchen every day…this would be a dream for me! My house is an open floor plan, so the living room is the feature point. My husband is eventually going to build a bookcase and fireplace that will make our living room look custom…I’m so excited for it!

  167. Stacey J says

    Wow!!! I used to have a Dyson but then we bought a Rainbow from our brother that sold them after coming back from Iraq. Love the brother not so much the Rainbow. I miss my Dyson! Making one into a cordless model is genius! I can’t help but think of Dr. Seuss’s line about ‘Oh the places (it) will go.’ I can easily take it to the basement using it on the stairs as I go of course. I can go under beds then out into the hall with different flooring. I can take it to my classroom with me. I think it’s possible I could get a little obsessed with that little “sucker.” Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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